It’s all about commitment


In early September I made a commitment to myself to having earlier starts to my days, and getting back into better shape. Since the first day, I have been up, and out of bed before 6:00am ready to workout. I have been consistent with my early starts 5 days a week (yes, even on the Thanksgiving long weekend) and I have done a minimum 15 minute workout 6 days a week too.

Make a commitment to yourself first

I know I feel better about myself, and in general when I’m in better shape. I’m also feeding my mind each morning by reading for about 15 minutes and then doing a 15 minute meditation. The meditation part is still a bit of mystery for me. I find I spend more time trying to keep all the little thoughts out of my head and quieting the mind chatter, but in all of the reading and studying I’ve done, everyone embraces the benefits of regular meditation. I’ve started meditation routines in the past, but haven’t stuck with them as long before, so I’m looking forward to sticking with it this time and seeing the benefits as I learn to control my mind and leverage it’s capabilities.

Reap the rewards of your commitment

My goal when I started this commitment was two-fold. First, I wanted to start my days earlier as I find I’m much more productive when I get an earlier start. Second, my goal was to put on 15-20 pounds of lean muscle. I had dropped down to the lightest I had been since high school, and back then I wasn’t very happy with my physique. So far, I’m up just over 5 pounds. I’m finding it challenging to gain weight, as I’m not a big eater, so taking in enough calories everyday isn’t easy. I’m sure the extra activity has also ramped up my metabolism, so I have to eat quite a bit more than I did previously. I do take a protein shake right after my workout, and then follow that up with breakfast with my wife and kids before they go to school. In that sense, I’m eating one more meal than usual.

Back to the first part of my goal. Increased productivity. That’s an area I haven’t seen much progress with. Despite getting an earlier start, I’m not seeing a dramatic increase in what I’m able to accomplish. That’s one of the reasons I’m excited about the Empower Network. I anticipate their platform will be the catalyst for me to do more writing which will support my other work, and also help me hone my skills. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this program and for that reason I’m excited for the commitment to myself, and looking forward to helping people make positive changes in their own lives.


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