My 2013 Goals

2013 goalsToday is my birthday, and seems like a great day to put some of my goals for 2013 down on paper. I’ve been writing goals for a number of years now, and the changes and improvements in my life have been excellent as a result.

You’ve likely heard of the numerous studies that extol how people that have clearly written goals grossly outperform and achieve far more than people who don’t set goals.

There is some debate about the legitimacy of whether these studies (primarily the Yale study of graduates from 50 years ago) ever actually occurred, but regardless you’d be hard pressed to find someone who feels you’re better off not writing your goals.

In my first few months of having written goals I had acquired 2 rental properties (my goal was one), had taken parental leave time to be home more with my kids, which then led to leaving my job full time. These were some of the major changes, but there were also a number of smaller changes that have had a big impact on my life.

Like on of my mentors Raymond Aaron says, if you are in a speed boat heading north and you want to go south, you don’t just crank the wheel and go the opposite way or you’ll capsize. You make just a small 1 degree adjustment and before you know it you’re going the other way.

Part of the benefit of having written goals is so you can break some of your bigger goals down into more manageable pieces. If your goal is to be earning $100,000 in online sales, first you have to make your first dollar. Before you can do that, you likely have to figure out what it is you want to sell, and how you’re going to do that. All of this process can be broken down into increasingly smaller manageable pieces on daily, weekly and monthly schedules all leading to your bigger goals.

Goals: Setting or Achieving

While it’s great to be writing down your goals, and a big step in the right direction, you also have to achieve them. A method I have adopted, and had great success with is again from Raymond. It’s the MTO method. M is for Minimum – this is what you can be counted on to achieve based on your past results. T is for Target – which is a stretch and will take some effort on your part to achieve. O is for Outrageous – this is the ultimate. If you reached this level with your goals you would be ecstatic.

The beauty in this method is that it’s not simply binary goal setting where you either achieve it or not. This is broken down into levels, with the minimum being something you know you can achieve. Accomplishing that level of your goals gives you momentum to keep going towards your Target and Outrageous level goals.

One of my 2013 Goals

To give you an example, one of my goals for 2013 is to be generating $10,000 per month from the Empower Network. My minimum goal to achieve that will be to continue to blog every day. I know this is achievable because I’ve already been doing it for 2 months or more. My target will be to add 1 new person to my database per day. This is a stretch because it will require me stepping up my advertising or promotions to the website. The Outrageous is to have 2 new $25/mo sign ups into the program.

If you’d like to achieve this goal too, and have me help you every step of the way then watch the video on this page and we’ll work together. I’ll give you access to everything I’ve already learned and tried, as well as my mentors who are helping me reach my goals. Let’s make 2013 our best years yet.


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