Definiteness of Purpose

Looking back on the past year, and reflecting on what I’ve accomplished in order to plan the next year, I’ve been able to identify a few key points.

One of the best books I read in 2012 was Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill and Sharon Lechter.

Best Example of Definiteness of Purpose

One of the key points identified in that book is that successful people are very clear on their definiteness of purpose. They know what they want, and in great detail. definiteness of purpose

Without clarity and a detailed vision of what you want, you’ll wander aimlessly or jump from one idea to another and endlessly chase one rabbit after another.

Speaking of rabbits, another great book to read is Leslie Householder’s The Jackrabbit Factor and then follow it up with the Portal to Genius. You can read the Jackrabbit Factor online for free even. It’s a great parable that will help you understand why having definiteness of purpose is the only way to reach your goals.

Over the years of attending workshops and seminars I’ve found that while I often want what the speaker has, it’s not in line with my purpose. Sure it may be great to have the garage full of exotic cars, and houses on every continent, but what we need to do is get crystal clear on what we truly want. If your vision of an ideal business is to spend 5 hours a week on it, then buying a franchise that requires your involvement 40 or more hours a week isn’t going to lead to your success.

It may provide the financial abundance you think you want, but if it isn’t in line with your vision of an ideal life it’ll lead to burnout or unfulfillment. You have to have a definiteness of purpose that you can move forward towards, knowing that the right opportunities will present themselves once you get in action towards creating what it is you want.

Once you can define a definiteness of purpose that’s in alignment with your ideal vision, then take daily action towards achieving it. Identify the actions you can take, the people you can attract or learn from, and the environment to put yourself in that will best support the creation of that ideal.

For example, if your goal is to create an online income that requires just an hour or two a day of your time, then a program like the Empower Network is a great fit. If your definiteness of purpose involves being able to work from anywhere, having flexibility in your schedule, and time freedom, then an online business is again a great fit.

The key is for you to get crystal clear on what your definiteness of purpose is. Once you’ve done that, then you can begin to design an action plan and daily habits that will create it in your life.

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