Procrastination Killer

Right about now you might be looking back on this past year and thinking about all the goals and plans you had for 2012. Was 2012 the year you made your dreams come true, or did you let procrastination stand in your way?

Does the guy in this video remind you of anyone?

The trouble with Procrastination

When it comes to procrastination, we’re all prone to it. Nobody is immune. That is unless you learn to abolish it.

The Truth about Procrastination

Procrastination is actually a result, or a symptom, rather than a cause. When we try to fix the symptom it only goes away temporarily. To end procrastination you need to realize that the cause of the procrastination in the first place is attempting to do something you don’t love.

Yes, procrastination is the result of doing things you don’t love. If you loved doing it, you wouldn’t procrastinate in the first place.

So how do you end procrastination. The formula is simple, the application though will be a bit more challenging.

Since procrastination is actually a symptom, we must fix the cause. The cause is attempting to do what you don’t love, so the solution is to only do what you do love.

This will be the challenging part though because we all have the belief that we should do most things for ourselves, or that it’s too expensive to have someone else do those unwanted tasks for us.

Let me give you an example. Do you know anyone that is behind on their taxes, or leaves them to the very last minute before they get all their papers together to take them to the accountant or the bookkeeper? They procrastinate getting their taxes done because they don’t love doing it. Believe it or not, there are actually people on this planet that love doing taxes. One of my friends that spoke at my last couple of events LOVES TAXES (I know, weird right).

Maybe you just think it’ll be too expensive to have someone else do the taxes for you, and so you put it off as long as you can before you have to sit down and figure them out. What if you consider the cost from this perspective. Maybe it will cost you a few hundred dollars to have it done by someone else, but if they’re an expert and love what they do they’ll likely find you hundreds or thousands of dollars in deductions that you don’t even know about.

How quickly would your procrastination around taxes go away if you actually made money getting someone else to do it, and didn’t have to take the time yourself to figure it out?

With 2013 right around the corner, there’s no better time to end your procrastination and start making the changes you set out to make in 2012. If one of those changes is to improve your finances, check out the Empower Network and make 2013 a year of abundance and prosperity.

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