Resolutions Are Useless

Since today is New Year’s Eve, and you’re likely contemplating how things will be different in 2013 from how they were in 2012, know this – Resolutions Are Useless in most cases.

new year's resolutions

Today we’re on the cusp of a brand spanking new, shiny un-wrapped year ahead…


…we also have some incredible tools in front of us to make 2013 a most exceptional one.



This post is for the entrepreneurs, the marketers, the home based business builders out there…


…and for those who WANT to be in 2013.



A warning for you first…



2013 is dangerously close to being no different for you than 2012.


If you struggled with money in 2012 – you will in 2013.

If you struggled with your health in 2012 – you will in 2013.

If you struggled with relationships in 2012 – you will in 2013.





…you have a set plan in place for 2013 that helps you MOVE PAST 2012.



Most people start their New Years Resolutions with the same ones they started the year before.  The same ones they never achieved a year ago!


But this year is ‘different’, they say.


Despite the fact they are not DOING anything different.


New Years Resolutions are important… but not NEARLY as important as your plan to make it happen.


You can write down the most grandiose plans for making a million dollars in 2013 with a new business.






You know this by now!


Written goals are a small step towards making them happen.


But, on their own, it’s a guarantee they won’t happen.


But when you match a written goal or resolution with your intentions and a BIG dose of MASSIVE ACTION… now you are well on your way to making that goal come true.


As an example.


Want to lose weight in 2013? Write down you want to lose 15 pounds.

Useless on it’s own right?


But, if you then go out and mark down on your calendar the weight goals you should be at every month for the next 12 months… you have taken an action.


If you then go and find a weight training class near you and fitting into your schedule – AND you pay for it and schedule it into your calendar…


…you are one BIG step closer.






One day at a time you take your weight loss goals seriously.


January 1st you put down that bag of chips or chocolate.


You have a salad instead of a burger.


You SHOW UP at your scheduled workout time (better yet – start with a personal trainer to get you started and more comfortable – AND accountable).


The next day – you make a goal that JUST TODAY you will eat better for one meal.  You will go for that 15 minute walk (no matter what the weather). You will go to that scheduled workout.  You will ignore your friends calls to go to the pub for beers and wings.


You take action and stick to your plan.


For that day.


The next day you do the same.


And the next day… and the next.


Resolutions to reach your optimal weight WILL happen if you tackle it one day at a time.



And it’s no different in business.



You can’t realistically have a resolution to make a million dollars online in 2013 if you’ve never created $10 in sales before.


Especially if you plan on buying every new ebook that comes out or every new product launch that comes out.


Then let them rot away on your hard drive.


Even if you are experienced in business and marketing – you still need to stay focused and realistic in your goals.


As Bruce Lee said: “I don’t fear the man who has done one thousand different kicks one time – I fear the man who has done one kick one thousand different times”.


Trying to master SEO, PPC, CPV, Sales Copy, Video marketing, Syndication, and so on and so on… all in January – NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.



Stick to one and dedicate your focus to it – ONE DAY AT A TIME.


I know my limitations and every day I work to get just a little bit better.


One day at a time.


The same with my online lead generation.


I work daily at it.  Not one strategy I implement once that I expect to make me millions..


But every day I am doing one or three things to get my leads flowing faster and more fluidly.



My point today…



Take your 2013 resolutions and break them down into daily activities.






But few people will break it down like this.


Fewer will take the actions.


The choice is yours.


I know what I am doing to make my business and marketing goals to the next level in 2013, and it starts by following this simple system.


The formula is so simple…


…but the daily actions aren’t so simple for most.



Eliminate your fears of failure.


And the fastest way to do that is to take a daily action.  Failure will happen, but your actions will quickly shadow over your fears and failures!


2013 is going to be an AWESOME year… write your resolutions, take ownership of them, and make it happen.

If one of your resolutions is to start making more money, I highly encourage you to check out the Empower Network.

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