Define Your Why

define your whyOne of the most important things you can do if you’re setting out to consciously design your life rather than just exist, is to define your why.


Define Your Why – What Do You Really Want And Why Do You Want It?

If you are to succeed in creating the life you imagine for yourself, one of the first steps is to identify why you want it, define your why. Many people will say they want money, and cars and a beautiful house, but that isn’t really motivation enough. If those are things that you want, you’ve first got to identify WHY you want them.

Is it because having those things will raise your status in the eyes of others? Are you looking for admiration or envy?

My big WHY for taking an active role in designing my life was my family. After my daughter was born I really realized how precious the time together was, especially since I was spending so little time at home. At that time I was working full time as a draftsman, and would generally leave in the morning before anyone was up, and return home just in time for supper and then to put her down for bed. By the time my son came along I realized how many milestones I had missed with my daughter and didn’t want to miss again.

That’s when I got clarity and really understood the premise of define your why. I now had motivation that was bigger than just me. I had a purpose and a passion to create the kind of lifestyle where I could be around my family full time. I could create the flexibility to be able to do things with my family on my terms.

Here’s a short video I recorded recently that talks a bit more about the subject. If you have aspirations of creating a life by design rather than default then I encourage you to take the necessary steps and define your why. Once you’ve done that, put that power to work for you and never look back in your quest to live life on your own terms.

Video – Define Your Why


Now, go take some time in a quiet place alone and think or journal about what it is you truly want. Get clear and define your why, and then join me in the Empower Network so you can get to work on creating that life.

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