Tony Robbins Legacy Mastery In Calgary

A Rare Visit From Tony Robbins

There are a number of mentors that I hold in high regard for their sage, guidance and generosity, and yesterday I got to see another of them in person when Tony Robbins was in Calgary for his Legacy Mastery presentation.

Tony Robbins is someone I’ve been learning from for years through his books and TV shows and audio programs, but until now I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing him live.

Although I’ve attended countless seminars and workshops over the years I wasn’t sure what to expect from this event.

It got off to a fairly predictable start with Kim Marr, a Canadian Realtor and investor to pitch an upcoming real estate investing bootcamp with her and Chris Gardner (the guy Will Smith plays in the Pursuit of Happyness).

What I didn’t expect was that this bootcamp only cost $89, and you could bring a guest. Pretty reasonable if you ask me. If I didn’t already have plans I would have gone just to meet Chris Gardner.

From there, Kim brought out Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi to perform the Calgary tradition of presenting Tony Robbins with an official White Hat. Too bad they couldn’t find one that fit his huge head though.

Tony Robbins Wearing The Official Calgary White Hat

Tony Robbins receives white hat

During the White Hat ceremony Tony showed his philanthropic side by letting Mayor Nenshi know he’d be making a $50,000 donation to the Calgary Flood relief efforts.

Next, Martin Gelinas, assistant coach of the Calgary Flames presented Tony with a Flames jersey with Robbins and the Number 1 on the back, which he accepted graciously and once again showed his generosity by offering to come and work with the Flames for 3 hours.

Tony Robbins Delivers

Having been to more seminars than I can count, I know the drill. Generally these short (2-3 hour) events are pseudo sales pitches for the big event, and to be honest I was expecting that this time too.

Tony puts on some huge events. His weekend events are world renowned for filling stadiums of people and cramming in 40-50 hours of transformational personal development teaching.

In 2-3 hours, I really wasn’t sure what he’d be able to impart that we could take-away and apply, but he didn’t disappoint.

Here’s just a few of the golden nuggets of wisdom I picked up from Anthony Robbins yesterday at the BMO Centre in Calgary.

“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.”

“A lack of resources is never the problem. It’s a lack of resourcefulness that’s the problem.”

3 Questions that will change your life:
-What should I focus on?
-What does that mean?
-What should I do now?

“80% of success is psychology, 20% is mechanics.”

“Who you spend time with is who you become!”

“Age isn’t chronology – it’s psychology.”

“I don’t need an excuse to feel good!”

“Self esteem doesn’t come from what others say to you.”

“The fastest way to change your state is to change your physiology. The second way is to change your focus.”

Obviously those are just some quotes and soundbites from the action packed 2-3 hours he was presenting. Some of them don’t require any further explanation, while others may not make much sense out of the context in which he delivered it. For that, you’ll have to attend one of his events for yourself, as any explanation I tried to offer wouldn’t do the full delivery justice.

So much great wisdom and actionable guidance packed into a couple of hours. I look forward to attending one of his full events in the near future.

Tony Robbins At TedX

Here’s a taste of what it’s like to see Tony live. This is Tony at a TedX conference from a few years ago sharing why we do what we do.


Surrounding myself with inspirational and empowering individuals like Tony Robbins is something I strive for on a regular basis. It’s one of the reasons I joined the Empower Network, so I can receive daily motivation and guidance to achieve my dreams.

If that sounds like something you’d like for yourself, then go watch this short video now and see how we’re changing lives for the better all around the world.

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