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Late last week I was introduced to the work of Andy Shaw by another mentor I follow, Minesh Bindi.

Minesh teaches a program called Gold For Life and I've been following his updates and posts about his program for about a year or so, since I'm intrigued by the concept of being able to create cashflow from one of my favorite investments – precious metals.

I know through reading some of Minesh's updates that he is a close friend and student of Andy's work.

Andy is a former multi-millionaire real estate tycoon who lost it all and went bankrupt in the credit crisis a few years ago. In his recovery from that personal crisis he did some soul searching and reflection and came up with some interesting conclusions.

One of the revelations he had was in regards to one of his biggest questions.

"Why do so many people fail even with the same information

as the few who succeed?"

And the revelation that he had was that it's a result of the mind viruses we're all infected with.

He likens it to putting in good new software on a computer infected with a virus. No matter how good that new software is, it soon is infected too.

In the video above he offers another way of looking at our minds, and explains how our minds are a lot like a pond full of fresh clean water when we're born. Then over time the waters become muddy with the thoughts, suggestions and programming of the people who influence us growing up.

By the time we discover self education and personal development, it's a little like trying to add some clean new water to the pond thinking that it will clean the pond water up. What happens instead is that the new clean water becomes muddy and dirty like the rest of the pond.

The solution, is to do a complete clean of the water in the pond, and that's what Andy's program A Bug Free Mind is all about. I've just finished reading the first 5 chapters of his book that you can download free here. (not an affiliate link)

I look forward to getting the full copies of both of Andy's books and working on developing A Bug Free Mind of my own!



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