Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 4 – The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind

As someone who teaches financial education and wealth transfers, I pride myself on being well informed on the subject.


That said, I have to give credit where credit is due. Mike Maloney is the best I've found on the subject of understanding money and currencies and the history of wealth transfers, and his Hidden Secrets Of Money series is simply second to none.


This latest video is a must watch, and be sure to share it with others when you're done. It's important that everyone you know understand how the system works and then find solutions to protect themselves for when the house of cards comes crashing down.


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One thought on “Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 4 – The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind

  • In March 2020 Maloney said the Great Depression was caused by the October 1929 stock market crash. Completely false and he has POOR qualifications as a monetary historian. Note that I am not selling anything nor asking any donations! See the HTML doc at http://www.silverstealers.net for the cause of the Depression. Maloney is as wrong as a mechanic who says to put apple juice into your fuel tank because it looks like gasoline. You “might” not want to let this comment post, but you owe it to conscience to check out what I’m saying. It is ME, not MALONEY who has the world’s biggest archive of free info on monetary history at http://www.nosilvernationalization.org
    It sickens me to see Maloney telling mythology to 493,000 You Tube subscribers!

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