Time For A Global Currency Reset Says Max Keiser

I’ve been warning for a couple of years now that our current global financial systems are a house of cards in a drafty room.

You may have even been in the room last year when I gave a few presentations outlining just a few of the reasons. (If not, you can catch all the recordings here)


Max is someone who’s seen this crisis unfolding from both sides, having spent many of his younger years working on Wall Street, and now as an advocate against it. This is why he’s been sounding the alarm diligently for a few years now. He, and a host of others who’ve actually taken the time to look at the system from the outside and recognize all the warning signs.

For that, I’m thankful. Because I’ve been able to learn from their experiences, research and wisdom. I have a number of mentors that I follow when it comes to money and finances, and so far their predictions are playing out before our eyes.

If you haven’t started doing the research for yourself, or don’t even know what I’m referring to, then take a few minutes and read my post here.

Or, if you prefer, I suggest you watch the excellent video series put together by Robert Kiyosaki’s wealth cycles advisor Mike Maloney called Hidden Secrets of Money.

Make no mistake. The times are changing. This current fiat currency experiment is nearing the end of its life, only to follow in the footsteps of the thousands of similar experiments in history – eventual failure!

Now is the time to prepare yourself for the inevitable outcome. Protect yourself and your family from financial ruin, by positioning yourself to profit fromt the greatest transfer of wealth in history.

Yes, despite the doom and gloom and dreary nature of this message, this is actually a time of GREAT OPPORTUNITY! See it for what it is, and position yourself to win.

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You don’t have to take my word for it either. I’ll happily forward you a list of other sources so you can do your own due diligence first. Just don’t take too long doing it!


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