Lifestyle Construction With David Wood Part 2

Here’s the second video in the series from David Wood on Lifestyle Construction.

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Reblogged From Episode 3 – The Art Of Lifestyle Construction (part 2)

Welcome back to Episode 3, The Art Of Lifestyle Construction – part two.

If you watched part one, you’ll know that my goal for these 2 videos is to ‘re-frame’ your reality…

…enough to make you realize what it really takes to live the kind of lifestyle that you want to live when you decide to take action.

In this video I show you how to break down, re-construct and ‘instantly’ build an online income.

I talk about the exact sales numbers it really takes in an online business to get the results that you want.

I’ve always told people to just ‘get 2 a day’.

Because when you’re selling a low ticket product like a $25 blogging system, it’s extremely easy to make 2 sales a day…

…and with a system that has value-based upsells; making 6 figures isn’t all that hard to do from a base of 2 $25 customers/day.

What I want you to do after watching this video is ‘construct your income’.

Ask yourself how much does your dream lifestyle really cost?

Look online, search the Internet and find out how much it really costs to live that kind of lifestyle.

Next, break down the monetary fingure into daily earnings, how much do you really need to make per day?

Then ask yourself what it takes in daily production to create that income, yourself.

Here’s the the ‘art of income construction‘, in 5 easy steps.

1. What do you really want to make?

2. How much per day?

3. How many sales do you need to make in your business per day to generate that amount? 

4. How many upgrades do you need to get from those sales?

5. How many leads and visitors do you need to generate each day to create that many front-end sales?

Watch the video, construct your income and make a plan, because by now you know it’s easy to create the kind of lifestyle you want to live, when you decide to take action now and get to the events.

Love ya,

– David Wood

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– The EN Team

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