The Power Of Unity With David Wood

It’s pretty amazing what has transpired with this vision in a little over two years once the power of unity principles were adopted by David Wood.


In the video above he shares how he tried and failed to get the Empower Network concept off the ground on his own. It wasn’t until he and David Sharpe put their heads together and utilized the power of unity that everything started to come together and Empower Network was born.


Not without it’s challenges, and that’s the beauty. Despite all of the hurdles and setbacks they experienced getting this global vision off the ground, their unified vision of what’s possible kept them moving forward and perservering.


Today, they have tens of thousands of customers around the globe, have sold out events everywhere they’ve been held, and have so far created 7 million dollar earners in under 2 years (see full income disclosure at the bottom of this page).


What’s cool to see is that this unified vision is not about becoming the next big thing, creating a billion dollar company (although I expect it will be), or making themselves famously wealthy. They used their vision and the power of unity to create a company committed to empowering and equiping the most amount of people possible to pursue their own passions.


That’s pretty cool, and is a big reason I’m happy to be on board this journey. (the 100% commissions doesn’t hurt either).


If you’re looking to lock arms with a team of Bad Asses driven to help others succeed, then you need to click this link and watch this video now.


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Reblogged From Episode 5 – The Power Of Unity

Today, I decided to do something a little different…

Rght now we’ve got some of the most important people of Empower Network here in Costa Rica – for a week long mastermind.

For the entire week, we’re putting our minds together to invision and dream up the future of Empower Network.

EXPANDING the vision…

…because there’s something magical about putting your minds together with other people in a single, unified direction.

In today’s episode, I talk about the power of unity, and how together – we can achieve new levels of greatness.

“It’s more powerful to be unified, than it is to be perfect”

Decide now, to unify your vision with ours, because together – we can create ANYTHING.

Love ya,

– David Wood

P.S. Leave me your thoughts and comments below if you’re PUMPED about the future of Empower Network.

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– The EN Team

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