7 Tips To Put An End To Procrastination

Put An End To Procrastination With 7 Simple Tips

I couldn’t possibly count the number of things I’ve procrastinated on over the years. Heck, I even procrastinated on writing this post, as I intended to do it on Friday. 😉

The other day I was tuned into the Million Dollar Television Network (MDTN.com) which is the new iteration of Marshall Sylver’s Get Rich Radio network.

I’ve been tuning in on and off over the past few weeks, and every time I do I learn a new insight or tip that I can apply to my life and business. On top of that, Marshall pays you just to log in (even if you mute the sound and just leave it open). I’m online virtually everyday, and my computer is almost always on, so why not get paid for just leaving a browser open.

Seriously, if you’re not registered for the Million Dollar Television Network, and getting paid for the time you’re spending online anyway, you ought to be. It doesn’t cost anything, and you don’t have to sell anything either.

Ok, enough with the commercial for Marshall (who’s a multi-millionaire mentor by the way), let’s get into how you can put an end to procrastination in 7 simple steps.

End To Procrastination Tip 1

The first step in being able to put an end to procrastination, obviously enough, is to take action now. Don’t wait until the time is right (it never is), until you have all the right information (you probably won’t), or until the stars line up (do they ever?). Learn to Fail Forward Faster.

One of the best ways to put an end to procrastination is to apply speed of implementation. The universe rewards the action takers and imperfect action is 100% better than perfect inaction. Nothing ever happens until you take action!

End To Procrastination Tip 2

The second tip to put an end to procrastination is to set benchmarks for yourself. One of the biggest reasons we all procrastinate (besides doing things we shouldn’t be doing in the first place) is that we see the whole task as a big obstacle, instead of breaking it down into smaller manageable chunks.

Listening to Zig Ziglar’s Born To Win program recently he talked about how he broke down his goal of writing a book and losing weight into smaller daily objectives. Writing a 300 page book is very intimidating (I know, I’m still procrastinating on mine), but chunking it down into writing one page a day is much more doable.

Learn to chunk down the big overwhelming obstacles into smaller and smaller pieces, and then start right away to take action on the next step.

End To Procrastination Tip 3

This tip may be a bit of a leap for some people who are afflicted with the curse of perfectionism.

This tip to end procrastination can be summed up in 2 wordsPerfectionism Paralyzes“.

If you’re the type of person that is only satisfied when something is done to 100% perfection, I have a feeling that procrastination is one of your biggest challenges.

To overcome this challenge, it’s important for you to learn that “good enough, is good enough” and then to strive to do better and improve.

End To Procrastination Tip 4

Some of these tips to help you put an end to procrastination may seem super obvious, but even so, my question to you is: Are You Doing Them?

This next tip falls into the category of “That was obvious”.

Get rid of distractions!

If you want to complete a task or challenge, then put yourself in an environment that supports you in completing it.

Don’t try to write an article or do your homework in front of the TV.

If you need peace and quiet to work, find that quiet place where your mind does it’s best work.

Put yourself in the best environment, with the least distractions that will support you in getting your task done.

End To Procrastination Tip 5

This next tip for putting an end to procrastination is one of the most powerful. One of the biggest reasons we don’t do the things we know we must, is because there’s no deadline attached to the task.

A Goal Without A Deadline Is Just A Wish

We find reasons to put off the task until the very last moment, or worse until it’s too late to even do. The funny thing is that when there is a deadline attached to a task by us or someone else, we often wait until the last moment, and then still get the task done.

If you want to get more done then, it makes sense to just move the deadlines up. Parkinson’s Law says “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion“.

Take a look at some of your past performance and see if that principle was true. I’m sure you’ll find it was. Tighten up your deadlines, and be amazed at how you’ll find ways to get more done in less time.

End To Procrastination Tip 6

It’s said that we’re all motivated by one of two emotions – fear of pain, or desire for pleasure.

In most cases we’re more likely to take action out of the fear of avoiding pain. Occassionally the desire for pleasure will be a bigger motivator, but not often.

Regardless, one of the best ways to put an end to procrastination is to set up rewards and consequences for completing the task you aspire to do.

Do some quiet thinking about what truly motivates you, and then set up rewards and consequences that will compel you to complete whatever you set out to do. If they are designed properly, you’ll be automatically pulled towards getting things done simply to avoid pain or receive pleasure.

End To Procrastination Tip 7

This final tip to put an end to procrastination is one that few ever implement.


Because if they did, they wouldn’t procrastinate anymore, and we all love to procrastinate (for whatever payoffs we get from it).

The best way to put an end to procrastination is to publicly declare what it is you intend to do.

I know for me, anytime I’ve ever told someone else I’m going to do something, I’m 100% more likely to do it. For me, the fear of letting someone else down is a huge motivator.

If you really want to get something done, I challenge you to make it a public declaration. You don’t have to voice it in a public forum like Facebook if you don’t want, but tell someone else and give them permission to hold you accountable, and I assure you that you won’t procrastinate on it.

By nature, we aim to please others, and so by making your goal public, you’re now obligating yourself to get it done in order to ensure you don’t let other people down. They’re counting on you to get it done, even if they have no vested interest in the task.

I trust these 7 tips to put an end to procrastination have been helpful to you. Implement just one and see how much more you’re able to accomplish.


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