21 Day Blogging Challenge

What Is The 21 Day Blogging Challenge?

With the new launch of the Kalatu blogging platform by the Empower Network, they also introduced the new 21 Day Blogging Challenge.

When the announcement was made at the recent Fight The Forces of Evil event in Orlando, commemorating the 3rd anniversary for Empower Network, I decided to start my own 21 Day Blogging Challenge, and today is day 21!

Kalatu and the 21 Day Blogging Challenge

Kalatu is the new blogging platform being rolled out by the Empower Network. It is a return to a WordPress platform, which is what Empower Network originally used.

Last year when the Empower Network launched their own proprietary blogging platform, it was a bold move, but ended up being a departure from what initially created their explosive growth.

With Kalatu and the 21 Day Blogging Challenge Empower Network will once again become one of the highest trafficed websites online.

By introducing the 21 Day Blogging Challenge new and seasoned bloggers will be given a platform, and support structure to blog consistently for 21 days straight.

Why Do A 21 Day Blogging Challenge?

Blogging has proven to be the secret to Empower’s massive success in the industry. At the peak of their growth blogging was responsible for bringing more traffic to the site than the New York Times had.

By doing a 21 Day Blogging Challenge, even if 10% of the 100,000+ customers of the Empower Network system create unique content on their blog for the 21 days that will be 20,000+ unique pages being created in just 3 weeks.

Once those pages are indexed and start being found on the search engines, Empower Network and its’ members pages will become some of the most popular pages online.

How Does The 21 Day Blogging Challenge Work

With the new Kalatu blogging platform, users will be prompted with a series of blog subjects to choose from as well as leading questions that will help you write your own content.

One of the biggest challenges most new bloggers face is coming up with things to write about.

With Kalatu and the 21 Day Blogging Challenge, you’ll have multiple options to choose from on a daily basis as well as content suggestions in a easy step by step template making the creation of a new blog simple and fast.

If you’d like to be one of the first to test drive the new Kalatu blogging platform and do your own 21 Day Blogging Challenge, get on the early bird list by clicking here.


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