25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

I did this 25 things you didn’t know about me exercise a few years ago as part of a mastermind I was in.

Yesterday, one of my mentors shared his 25 things list and it reminded me of this one I had done, and thought you might enjoy knowing some of these little known details from my life.

25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

  1. I was born in Winnipeg, but have lived in Alberta since I was one.  I have moved many times since coming here, but Alberta will always be home to me.
  2. My high school graduation class had 20 students.  My hometown of Bentley only had 800 residents and 3 bars.
  3. I love to run and had aspirations of running the 1500m in the ’92 or ’96 summer Olympics.  The closest I came was competing in the 2 mile Rimbey Road Race 2 years in a row. (I finished 2nd the 2nd year)
  4. I graduated from High School and SAIT with honours.  I was the only one in my entire program (Architectural Technologies – Building Development Option) to have honours. Niether of those accomplishments have done me much good since, especially since in the “real world” your credit score is more important than your report card.
  5. I only have one sibling, an older brother.  He is 3 years older than me, and has lived in Hanoi, Vietnam since 1999. He has 2 sons.
  6. I used to play a lot of slo-pitch.  In fact, my dad built a full size ball diamond in our front yard where I grew up, and started a league.  When I was 14 I was tired of only being allowed to occassionally play for the adults, so I started my own team with my friends and played in that league until I finished high school.
  7. I started playing men’s league soccer in Red Deer when I was 15 because there were no teams for kids in our area.  Soccer is still my favorite sport to play, and my son’s also. I’ll have to get playing again so I can keep up with him.
  8. I bought my first piece of real estate with my brother when I was 19.  It was a 3 bedroom townhouse in Calgary.  It also became my first investment property when we started renting out a room to one of my friends for a couple hundred dollars a month.
  9. I built my own house outside Calgary when I was 23.  I moved in 3 months after I started, but it took another 6 months to finish.
  10. I love to garden.  My Mom always had big gardens, and now I always ensure I have one too. The past couple of years my kids have requested a corner of our garden to plant their own patch too.
  11. Our daughter was the first girl born in our family for 3 generations.  The previous last female born in the Giercke family was 85 years before her. (ok, this one’s not really about me, but I did have an important role in her creation.)
  12. I love to travel.  My list of completed destinations is pretty short (Vietnam, Italy, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, USA), but my list of places to go is massive. I’m planning a trip to Africa in late 2015 to climb Kilimanjaro with the Remarkable Man Project.


  13. I proposed to my wife Marilena in a campground that my family (and 3 other families) have been going to regularly for 30+ years in Radium, BC.  It was one year after the first time I took her there.
  14. I love to read.  Previously it was anything by John Grisham, or Dan Brown.  Lately it is anything personal development, investing, or prosperity based.
  15. My first concert was Michael Bolton (because the girl I liked wanted to go)  My favourite concert was the Barenaked Ladies in the Jubilee Auditorium on their first tour.  I was 2nd row.
  16. I love to dance.  I took ballroom dance classes when I was in grade 12, and again with Marilena before we got married.  We’ve also taken some Latin dance classes, although it’s been ages and we’re overdue for some refresher classes.
  17. I won a Rotary Club sponsored trip to Ontario when I was in grade 12.  It was about Industrialization and High Technology, and we toured places like a nuclear plant in Pickering, Dofasco Steel, Andres Winery and a few other places one week.  I still don’t know how or why I was nominated or chosen.  I never applied.  It was still a great opportunity for a free trip and to meet other students from across the country.
  18. Marilena and I built our current home.  We started construction on our first anniversary. (how romantic!)  The house is concrete construction to the roof, and very energy efficient.  We moved in about 9 months after starting, another few years doing all of the finishing touches, and now devote a lot of time to yardwork and maintenance.
  19. The only stitches I ever got are the result of a waterslide accident.  Don’t try to clear both bumps on the Kamikazee at Sylvan Lake, or the second one could split your chin open.
  20. After watching Alex Baumann and Victor Davis at the ’84 Olympics, I decided I wanted a maple leaf tattoo over my heart too.  I didn’t get it until ’92 though when I went with some friends and all got tattoos done a the renowned Smilin’ Budda Tattoo Shop in Calgary.
  21. I always wanted long hair when I was growing up, but my Dad wouldn’t allow it.  For my high school graduation, I had it cut short and it has been that way, or shaved ever since. (I tell my daughter I gave up my hair for her. It looks better on her anyway)
  22. I love winter, and summer but am not too keen on spring and fall (or more accurately, I hate brown!)  My ideal year would be -10 and 3 feet of snow from November to March, then +20 the rest of the year with evening thunderstorms at least once a week.
  23. I used to play the organ, and took lessons until I was in grade 10.
  24. I love a fire.  Camping isn’t camping without one.  We have a solid soapstone woodstove in our house that I love to sit by, and a firepit in the yard is where you’ll find me on a calm summer night.
  25. I have been working from home building my own business since Christmas 2008. I love being home now to see my kids growing up and spending more time with my wife. I’m excited about our future as a family and being able to help more Moms and Dads learn to make money from home and be able to live life on their own terms.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little glimpse into some of the little known things about me. Making this list was a lot of fun for me, so try it for yourself. You might be surprised at some of the things you come up with.

If you’d still like to know more about how I got started on my work from home journey, you can read about that here.


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