Here’s to the Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs – Here’s To The Crazy Ones

Steve Jobs does a great job explaining why entrepreneurs are so important in our society.

It’s the entrepreneurs who innovate, invent and create.

It’s the entrepreneurs who change the face of an industry with a single idea.

It’s the entrepreneurs who aren’t afraid to look at an old problem with a new perspective.


Read the article below for more reasons why entrepreneurs are so valuable to our society.

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Reblogged From Celebrating Entrepreneurial Innovation…

Celebrating innovation: 
Why we celebrate entrepreneurs…

Imagine the Internet without Google. Imagine business networking without LinkedIn, or social media without Facebook or Twitter. In a world without entrepreneurs, those inconceivable hypotheticals would be realities. We might as well be back to walking to school in the snow every day of the year, uphill both ways, with no shoes on.

Needless to say, society would not be nearly as advanced without many of the innovations entrepreneurs have introduced to our world. These exceptional individuals more than deserve our accolades. Here are just a few reasons why we applaud entrepreneurs this November. Entrepreneurs:

1. Provide niches within the job market. Entrepreneurs expand the job market by providing unique jobs that others would never imagine. The specialized products they create typically require specialized teams to complete the necessary work, thus creating new sectors within the job market for people with previously unutilized skills and abilities.

2. Create opportunities for advancement. Entrepreneurs’ ideas bring opportunities for advancement of knowledge and the world. Consider the developments in technology and machinery that entrepreneurs have brought about and enabled us to pursue. Then consider the uphill-both-ways life and celebrate entrepreneurs even more.

3. Grow our economy. Rather than just redistributing or relocating wealth that already exists, entrepreneurs generate new sources of wealth. With the global economy constantly in flux, we need all the new sources of income we can get.


4. Spark creativity in those around them. Getting your creative juices flowing can sometimes be difficult. Examining an entrepreneur’s life or recognizing all that his or her creativity and innovations have accomplished can give others the impetus to exercise their own creativity.

5. Possess admirable and valuable characteristics. “Individual” is a loaded term, but one that aptly describes one of the most admirable qualities every entrepreneur possesses: the knowledge of what one wants and the willingness to develop and execute a plan to reach that goal. To succeed as entrepreneurs, these individuals must have the right kind of smarts, with a tough skin, a quick mind and excellent leadership skills. We could learn a lot from the unique abilities entrepreneurs enjoy and what they achieve when they exercise those abilities effectively.

6. Follow their dreams. Entrepreneurs leave their safe and comfortable lives or careers to pursue their dreams. They’re not afraid to resist the status quo if it means pursuing something they think would positively change the world – even if that means dropping out of NYU to pursue 140 characters.

7. Teach valuable lessons. Large corporations and individuals alike glean lessons from entrepreneurs’ values and traits. Their individualized spirits and their abilities to cooperate with others for a purpose provide an example of good business.

8. Fulfill societal needs. When a ground-breaking new product comes out, people generally think two things: 1.) I’ve been waiting my whole life for this! or 2.) I never knew I needed this, but now that I have it I can’t imagine living without it! Entrepreneurs give people the things they’ve always wanted but never had or things they never knew they wanted, but now cannot live without.

9. Use talents and abilities effectively. People who have unique characteristics but don’t put their abilities to a positive use are wasting serious brain power. Entrepreneurs have taken those characteristics they know they possess and put them to use pursuing something great. Instead of being satisfied with just making a good living or doing what they’re “supposed” to do according to society, entrepreneurs care more about effectively using their talents and skills to achieve greatness.

10. Exemplify successful risk-takers. The phrase “no risk, no reward” is not interchangeable with the 2011’s catchphrase, “YOLO.” “No risk, no reward” refers to the idea that you have to be willing to take a few risks – realizing that you might crash and burn – to discover something special and potentially world-changing. This attitude serves as inspiration to millions hoping to pursue similar goals.

The innovations entrepreneurs have introduced have changed the world with no signs of stopping, and the list for why they deserve recognition this month – and every month – goes on. What are some of your favorite innovative ways entrepreneurs have affected your life?

Let us know your thoughts!

Appreciate you,

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