Is The 40 Hour Work Week The Reason For Black Friday Chaos?

Black Friday Chaos And The 40 Hour Work Week

You’ve had a week to catch up on this year’s edition of the Black Friday mobs of people clamboring over people to save $100 on a TV, or camping out in parking lots for a good deal on the latest, greatest gadgets.

Some of the footage from these stampedes of people tramling over each other are enough to cause one to question humanity’s sanity.

Lately Black Friday sales have even crept up across the border here in Canada, and I heard into the UK as well.

Why Is Black Friday So Crazy?

I wonder if the people enthralled with Black Friday sales, even know why the day is called Black Friday in the first place.

My understanding is that it’s called Black Friday because it’s the day many retailers cross over from being in the red (not making a profit), to finally entering the territory their accountants call “In The Black” or in profit.

It’s crazy to me how much our culture has become wrapped up in consumerism.

I just finished reading an interesting article on the correlation between our consumerism tendencies, and the 40 hour work week.

It raises a great perspective on why we’re so prone to spend our money on things and experiences, when in truth the things that really matter don’t cost much or anything at all.

He mentions Parkinson’s Law which states:

“The more time you’ve been given to do something, the more time it will take you to do it.”

The article is written by someone who spent 9 months travelling and has just now gone back to the forty hour work week. It’s being back in the 40 hour workweek environment that reinforced for him why we’re so prone to spending our money in the few hours of spare time we have after leaving work.

There’s another Parkinson’s Law that applies as well that says:

“A luxury, once enjoyed, becomes a necessity.”

Being a work from home Dad for 6 years now, I can relate to many of the points he makes. I know that in my working days, knowing that a paycheck was coming in every 2 weeks often led to impulse purchases that I wouldn’t make today.

Not because I can’t, but because I’ve realigned my priorities.

I’d much rather work a few hours a day, and spend more time reading, listening to audios or spending time with my family. All things I can do with or without spending money.

This Christmas is really going to be focused on the important things.

My Dad was recently diagnosed with a form of Leukemia called Myelofibrosis, and so instead of going on the vacation he and my Mom had planned in the spring, a bunch of family members are coming here to be with all of us.

I’m looking forward to lots of family time, and creating memories instead of buying stuff that’ll be enjoyed for a few minutes or hours, and then forgotten.

If you’re tired of the Black Friday mobs, and living in the 40 hour workweek world, and want to begin to focus on what really matters to you, then take a few minutes and watch this video now. I’d love to help you start creating memories for yourself instead of just getting by in the daily grind.


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