Simply The Best Success Quote Ever!

This one says it all.

There’s nothing else you need to know about how to succeed.

If there’s one lesson in life to embrace, this is it.


You can have everything in life you want, if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.

Zig Ziglar


This one resonates so much with me that I put it on a laminated card with a few of my life goals and carry it in my pocket.


Too bad more of our society and culture didn’t embrace this principle.


Our economy seems to be built on just the opposite.


“How can I get more by taking from others?” must be the catch phrase of big business and Wall Street.


Fortunately, I sense that is all in the process of changing.


The world around us is shrinking by the day.


We all have access to information in an instant that used to take great effort and sometimes lifetimes to acquire.


People are waking up to the oppression and corruption that’s being committed to and around them, and I don’t see it continuing much longer.


I see a world where we all love and respect each other for the beautiful beings we are, embracing our differences rather than exploiting them.


I see a movement of socially conscious businesses popping up around the globe, with a goal to leave the world better than they found it rather than stripping it of it’s resources.


I see a revolution of people speaking out about the wrongs being committed and offering solutions not just complaints.


On the most basic level, we all want one thing…


It’s not money,


or travel,


or toys,






What can you do today, to bring your fellow man more happiness?


I’d love to hear your favorite quote.


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Let’s start a happiness movement and get what we most want by first giving it to others!

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