Ten Thousand Hours To Success

An Overnight Success In Only Ten Thousand Hours

Many people burst into the limelight in what seems like an overnight success story, although if you dig into their story a little deeper you’ll find that like nearly every other successful person, they’ve invested 10,000 hours or more into their craft.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers (great book – go read it) he identifies how this principle of ten thousand hours is the differentiation between many of the major success stories we’re all familiar with like Bill Gates, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan and the millions of others who never achieve that level of success.

Ten Thousand Hours Is A Long Time!

To put things in perspective, 10,000 hours is equivalent to about 5 years of 40 hour weeks of work, training or practice.

That’s 5 years in a full time job.

For most people, they’ll never dedicate that much time to excelling at anything.

Sure, they’ll spend 40+ years at a job, but like one of my mentors likes to say, it’s more like 1 year learning their position and 39 years doing the same thing over an over. They’re very proficient at what they do, but they aren’t making major improvements in their skill level or expertise.

This past weekend I was attending an event called The Turning Point being taught by Marshall  Sylver. Marshall is a multi-millionaire who went from living in a converted chicken coop with his mom and 9 other brothers and sisters, to living in a 17,000 square foot palace in Las Vegas, having a 12,000 square foot vacation home on the beaches of southern California and flying in private jets.

Today, he’s one of the highest paid trainers on the planet, and having an opportunity to learn from him right here in my own city was something I wasn’t going to miss.

Listening to him share his rags to riches story, it’s apparent to me that he’s invested far more than the requisite ten thousand hours to his skill as the world’s greatest hypnotist. He’s extremely talented, and it didn’t happen overnight.

Your success won’t happen overnight either!

This quick video does a great job of sharing the value of investing those ten thousand hours in yourself.



What Is The Difference Between People Who Invest 10,000 Hours, And Those Who Don’t?

Common Mistakes That Prevent People From Achieving Their Desired Goals

  1. Lack of a defined outcome – what’s your goal, or as Napoleon Hill would say “What’s your chief definite aim?”
  2. Lack of ambition
  3. Lack of education – formal and more importantly self-education
  4. Lack of self discipline
  5. Lack of great health
  6. Lack of ability to act NOW
  7. Lack of fast decision making
  8. Poor selection of a life partner
  9. Poor selection of business partners
  10. Poor selection of a vocation
  11. Poor concentration of efforts – no F.O.C.U.S. (Follow One Course Until Successful)
  12. Inability to cooperate with others.

Common Traits Of People Who Invest Ten Thousand Hours Into Achieving Their Desired Goals

  • Persistence – you’ll experience challenges and hurdles to overcome. Adjust the gameplan, not the goal.
  • Define your outcome – create a chief definite aim and a burning desire for its achievement
  • Have total faith
  • Create a definite plan to achieve your goal
  • Eliminate negative people and influences
  • Remove distractions
  • Create alliances with like-minded people
  • Utilize mentors

Even though it may seem like many of today’s celebrities, stars and titans of industry have just created instant fame and success, behind the scenes they’ve been diligently working towards becoming excellent in their field.

Although ten thousand hours seems like an exceptionally huge amount of time to commit, the truth is the time will pass anyway.

Do you want to spend 10,000 hours drifting through life, or do you want to spend that time creating a legacy?

The days will pass…

The years will go by…

Will you have anything to show for it?


Today is your Turning Point. Today you get to define what your future will look like, and then start dedicating the time it will take to create it. I can guarantee that if you don’t make any changes, your life isn’t going to change either.

Be the change!

It starts with you.

Get started today, creating the kind of life your grandchildren will be blessed because you dedicated ten thousand hours to creating it.

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  • Great lists, Dan! Do you have those in a pdf for an easy download to print out?

    • Dan Giercke

      Thanks Sharyn. Great idea for the lists. Perhaps I can get a nice infographic done up with them on it.

      Best of Success,

  • Great post In this world it is not what we take up, but what we give up, that makes us rich.

    • Dan Giercke

      Well said Jennifer. Thanks for the comment.

      Best of Success,

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