The Story Of My Greatest Struggle

Earlier today I wrote an update on my Facebook wall about the 30 video in 2 days challenge that my millionaire mentor had issued me.

I asked people to tell me what they’d like me to record a video about, and the first response asked if I could share a video about the greatest struggle I had ever overcome, and also another one on the greatest struggle I’m still challenged by.

I had a busy afternoon of shooting videos (20 done so far) and here’s my answer to that first question.


Like I said in the video. Part of overcoming struggles and challenges in life is setting goals and knowing in your heart that you’ll achieve them one way or another.


You can see the results of overcoming this struggle in my About Me page here.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the story of my greatest struggle that I still battle with. I think you’ll be able to relate.


What are some of your biggest challenges that you’ve overcome?


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