How To Connect With Your Ideal Clients

As an entrepreneur, or home business professional, one of your biggest challenges is finding more of your ideal clients.

Ideal clients are your target niche, the demographic that is out there actively looking for the products and services you offer than can solve a problem they’re facing.

They’re out there, and in this short video I share with you the 3 keys to finding them and attracting them to you.

The 3 Keys To Connecting With Your Ideal Clients

  1. Clearly define who your ideal client is. Know specifically who that person is, and then talk to them like they’re your friend. Don’t speak to a group of people, write or speak your message as though you’re talking one on one.
  2. Speak to the challenge they’re already having. Talk about the conversation they’re already having in their own mind. What are the things that are keeping them up all night, or giving them anxiety.
  3. What’s the solution you offer that can help them solve their problem? Now that you’ve gotten their attention by speaking directly to them in a way that gets their attention, you’ve identified the pain, or problem they’re facing, now it’s time to offer them a solution to their challenge and show them how to get it from you. Don’t be afraid to be direct with your call to action. If you have a solution to someone’s problem, then wouldn’t they want you to show them how to get it?

Hopefully those 3 tips will help you craft your next newsletter message, blog post, sales page or other materials that you use to find your ideal clients.

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