Keeping A Gratitude Journal

Do You Keep A Gratitude Journal?

I’ve had a number of journals over the past decade or so. I don’t ever remember having one when I was younger like I know some of my other school friends did, but I’m glad I have one now.

In general, human beings are pretty poor at remembering details. We forget names, and places and dates, and ideas all day long in most cases.

Keeping a journal is a great way to replace trying to remember everything, and instead just jot it down.

This way, you’ll have all those great ideas, memories and insights in a hard copy that you can go back to and reference anytime you want.

In my first gratitude journal, I followed the suggestion of Dan Kuschell from his book A Champion In The Making and answered the following 3 questions each night before bed.

  1. What am I thankful for today?
  2. What am I happy about today?
  3. What have I done well today?

The goal is to have 5 answers for each of these questions. Sometimes it will be easy to come up with a whole list of answers, and other times you might find it more challenging, however the exercise of expressing your gratitude daily and focusing on the positives in your life will have a dramatic impact on your outlook.

  • You’ll find the little annoyances in life don’t bother you as much anymore.
  • You’ll be more compassionate towards others.
  • You’ll keep your eyes open for more things to appreciate.
  • You’ll attract more positive experiences because that’s where your focus will be

I encourage you to keep a gratitude journal for all of the reasons listed above, and look forward to hearing how it’s had a positive impact on your life. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you liked most about this article.

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