The Best Birthday Gift Ever

I don’t know why some people don’t like to tell others that it’s their birthday.

I don’t usually go out of my way to let someone know when it is, but I’m surely not one to hide from having a birthday.

I mean, why would I?

It’s a day that people send you warm wishes, friends and family are extra attentive and affectionate. Many even send or bring gifts. Who doesn’t like gifts?

And today, I got to come downstairs to this warm greeting.

the best birthday gifts

That’s the kind of thing that makes any day a great day!

I’ve been down and out with the flu the past couple of days, which considering the time of year made it even more of a bummer.

Our whole house “had the pleasure” of catching it actually starting with my son the weekend before Christmas, my daughter and wife on the 23rd and 24th, and then it was my turn after I went to sleep on Christmas night.

The good news is, we’re all feeling much better now, and hopefully done with colds, flues and any other illnesses for the rest of the year, and the next one coming.

And so, today I get to think about all the things I have to be thankful for.

With 2016 coming up quick, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time planning for the new year.

My mastermind group has decided to step things up in 2016 and has committed to a whole new level of accountability – to ourselves and each other.

I’ve written out goals, and done the process of reverse-engineering them back to today from my ultimate vision.

I’ve got big things planned for 2016.

Which takes me back to the title of this post.

The Best Birthday Gift Ever

The banner is pretty fantastic…

The gifts from my wife and kids are great…

but neither of those are what I had in mind when I started writing about the best birthday gifts ever.

Today is a Monday, but I had to look at the calendar to know that.

Because the best birthday gift ever to me is getting to choose how to spend my day – everyday.

It’s been 7 years now since I started working from home.

And what an adventure it’s been.

We’ve been able to travel and explore.

We’ve spent time with family on a moments notice.

We’ve picked up and gone away on a whim.

There’s a whole new level of FREEDOM when you don’t have to report to a job anymore.

And that to me is the best kind of birthday gift anyone could ever give themselves.

A few days ago I sent out a notice about a new program that was to begin today called the FREEDOM FAMILY 50 PROJECT where we’re going to help 50 families create new 6 figure incomes in 2016.

Since I’ve been down and out for the past couple of days I’m going to extend the deadline by 48 hours, so you now have until midnight mountain time on the 30th to get registered.  click here to register.

There’s a reason I decided to launch this program before the 1st of the year, and that’s because it’s been shown that those who start on their New Year’s Resolutions before the start of the year actually do better than those who wait.

It’s because of the power of momentum. We go into the new year already moving towards what we want and as Newton’s Law says, “A body in motion will tend to stay in motion and a body at rest will tend to stay at rest.”

Have you ever been the person where January 1st comes around and because of a little too much celebration with friends or family you say “Well, it can wait one more day. I’ll just start on January 2nd“?

Then you start pushing all your plans back because now you gave yourself permission to do so and over the next week you’re already not following through on goals you set for yourself.

Does this sound familiar? Sure does! It’s happened to me many times.

Well, that stops this year because the FREEDOM FAMILY 50 PROJECT will get you to take ACTION immediately.

I’m so committed to making this happen, that I’m leveraging all of my resources, partnering with mentors, making myself available and doing whatever it takes to ensure that you reach your goal once you show me you’re committed to it.

So if you’re committed to making 2016 your best year yet…

and finally breaking free of those golden handcuffs that are keeping you chained to a desk, doing a job you don’t enjoy while your kids are growing up and life seems to be passing you by.

Then it’s time you clicked this link and got started in the FREEDOM FAMILY 50 PROJECT.

I’m off to spend the rest of the day with my family. I think we’ll play some games, work on a puzzle, maybe watch a movie.

Lots of options when you have your FREEDOM. 😉

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