3 Simple Steps To A Successful Online Business

Many people think that creating a successful online business is complicated, and for sure, it can be complicated if you don’t follow a simple proven system. The good news is that by following these 3 simple steps to a successful online business you can avoid all of the complicated, confusing noise in the market and just focus on the fundamentals that lead to profits.

What Are The 3 Simple Steps To A Successful Online Business?

The keys to creating a successful online business are focusing on these 3 areas:

  1. Traffic – All businesses – online and offline – need traffic. Not the kind most people sit in morning and night on their way to their jobs, but the kind that comes through the doors of your business or visit your websites.
  2. High Converting Offer – Is your product or service in high demand, and priced in a way that people willingly pay you for it?
  3. Sales – No business will remain in business without sales. And sales should include not just the first purchase, but ongoing or upsell sales.

Step 1 To A Successful Online Business – Traffic

Traffic is such an important piece of creating a successful business, that it needs to be one of your primary areas of focus for your business. When it comes to building your business online, there are hundreds of ways of generating traffic.

  • Organic search engine traffictraffic
  • Banner ads
  • Social media ads
  • Social syndication
  • Solo Ads
  • Email marketing
  • Pay Per Click Ads
  • Ad brokers
  • Guest posting

That’s just a short list of the options you have available to you in creating traffic to your websites. In order to generate traffic, it’s extremely important that you have a strong presence online to send that traffic to. This does not mean you have to hire a graphic designer and a marketing team to build something for you. This is something you can do very well on your own with a few simple tools.

To build a successful online business you need a home to send traffic to. Your home online should consist first and foremost of a blog. Your blog is your home online. This is where you can write (or speak if you prefer video) about your passions, your talents and your expertise. This is where people come to get to know more about you. It’s your central hub of your online real estate and a most critical piece to building a successful online business.

Having a blog will be an important piece of your traffic equation. All of the content you create on your blog becomes online real estate that can generate traffic for your business indefinitely. In fact, a blog post I wrote a few years ago generated my very first sale on my blog because someone in another country did a google search for the keywords I wrote about, found my article, clicked a banner on the side of the page, and bought the program I was promoting.

I didn’t do any paid marketing for that article. I didn’t advertise outside of sharing that article on my social media, and I never spoke to that gentleman until AFTER he became a paying customer. Pretty cool right!

To go with your blog you should have 2 other simple websites to complement your online presence. The first is a capture page. You may have heard it called a squeeze page, or a landing page or opt-in page. All refer to essentially the same thing. A capture page is a simple website with one purpose. To offer something of value in exchange for someone’s contact information. The offer could be a newsletter, an e-book, a video series, an online course, a free report etc. The contact information usually requested is an email address. Sometimes you can request a name, or a name and phone number as well, although every extra bit of information requested reduces the likelihood of someone providing it. That’s why it’s best to simply request an email address on your capture pages.

Finally, to round out your online real estate you’ll need to have a sales page. This is the page where you offer your products and services. It can be in long or short written form, a video sales page or even a combination of both. The job of the sales page is to do the selling for you. A properly created sales page will lead a prospect through to making a buying decision. An effective sales page is not something most people can create on their own, and requires copywriting skills. I did write out a great sales process overview on a previous blog post though that will help you create an effective sales page if you want to attempt it on your own.

Having all 3 of these components of your online business are essential to your success. You have to have a place to send the traffic you generate, and next we’ll get into how to ensure that traffic converts. You can read more detail on these 3 websites and why you need them here.

Step 2 To A Successful Online Business – High Converting Offer

Having lots of traffic is great, but just like with a traditional brick and mortar business, if that flood of people is only walking by your store, and not coming in, you’re not going to be in business long.high converting offer

Building a a beautiful website and not having anyone see it is much the same. This is why you need to focus on creating valuable content that people want to read or watch.

Your second step to creating a successful online business is to have a compelling offer. People buy from people. They also buy from people they know, like and trust. You can throw the greatest offer ever at someone, but if they don’t trust that you’re going to deliver on your promise, they aren’t going to buy – or at a minimum be very skeptical buyers.

The way to overcome that is to build rapport and trust with the traffic you’re generating. You do this by having an effective lead magnet (offer) on your capture page so that people want to give you their contact information. Once you have their contact information you further build trust by sending them valuable content consistently.

Some people worry that emailing too frequently is a bad idea, but it’s actually good. You want to be regularly sending new valuable content that helps people solve their problems. You can also build rapport by telling more of your story, sending testimonials and social proof about your products, and even encouraging your subscribers to connect with you on social media.

In the online world, it’s rare that a subscriber will know anything about you before opting-in, so it’s important to start building rapport and trust right away. One great way to do that is to send a welcome video right away and introduce yourself. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just a quick video recorded on your phone or laptop to say hi, tell a little bit about you, let people know what to expect now that they’re on your list and close with a call to action taking them to the next step in the process.

Always be sure to end your content with a call to action. Don’t leave people wondering what to do next, or you may never get another chance to engage them.

This second step of creating a successful online business is so important because no matter how great your offer is, most people online are skeptical and will want to buy from someone they feel they know, like and trust. You break down those barriers by using your autoresponder to send them regular valuable content. Don’t just pitch them your offer on every message, make sure you add value, and close with a call to action.

Step 3 To A Successful Online Business – Sales

Finally, we need to take all of those efforts in getting traffic and converting them into sales. Your follow-up sequence of emails and blog content emailed consistently will generate sales over time. People will either see the value you provide, or they will unsubscribe and either are good. If they unsubscribe, they weren’t your ideal customer and weren’t likely going to buy anything from you anyway. They just did you both a favor.sales

Your sales will come as a result of your efforts in step 2. At the end of each of your messages you want to be directing people back to your high converting offer sales page. This is the page that takes people through the buying process. It must effectively build rapport, demonstrate social proof, overcome objections, remove the risk and make it easy for the prospect to become a customer.

Creating an effective sales page is an art. One that very few people ever achieve. Many people lose thousands of dollars in potential sales because they’re generating traffic, building rapport and then sending people to an ugly, ineffective sales page that doesn’t convert. If you do attempt to create your own sales page, make sure you follow a proven system like this one I wrote about previously. If you don’t cover all of these important points, you’re going to be missing a lot of potential sales.

Once you have an effective sales page you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your efforts. A great sales page will not only create front end sales from new customers, it should also encourage repeat customers and selling more and higher priced products. In many cases those initial sales from new customers will cost you more than you make. That’s called a loss-leader, and is a very effective tool for bringing in new business AS LONG AS you know that those same customers will buy more products.

This is the primary reason I use an effective online system that looks after all of these components are optimized. I just have to work on generating traffic by writing blog posts like this one, and the system handles the capture pages, follow-up and sales pages in automation.

If you’re looking to create a successful online business and don’t already have all of these critical components in place then click here and get started with the best system available online.

11 thoughts on “3 Simple Steps To A Successful Online Business

  • Tie James- Waddy

    Thanks so much for sharing this. It is so hard for me to get started, it seems so over whelming,but God will provide help for me. I will read it daily until i understand it.

    • Dan Giercke

      Stay positive and focus on your goals rather than your challenges. As my mentor says “speak your world into existence”
      You can do it if you believe you can!

      I believe in you,

    • If you truly want to succeed you’ll find the motivation and the drive to make it happen. You can do it. I believe in you!

      • Tie James- Waddy

        I will take it one step at a time. I agree with your article. I paid a lot of money in advertising an nothing paid off. I will follow your steps.

        • Sorry to hear you paid for a lot of advertising. Do you know if the offer you were directing traffic to was a highly converting offer? Did you send directly to a sales page or to a capture page first. Could be many factors. Connect with me on Facebook and send me a message if you want to chat more.

  • Hey there Dan, great post! It’s actually that simple. lol People need to stop over complicating things and follow the proven steps. Thanks for sharing!

    • Dan Giercke

      Thanks Pj,

      Yes, it is simple. It’s not easy – but it’s simple. Then again, the things that are worth working for aren’t often easy either.

      Best of Success,

    • Simple but not easy. Too many settle for what’s easy and life ends up being hard.

  • WOW! The Value here is sooooooooooooooooo next level!

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