Are You In The Right Cashflow Quadrant

I still remember when I first learned about the different Cashflow Quadrants, and began looking back at my own path.

I started out, like most do in the E quadrant, as in Employee. The upside to being in this quadrant is the regular paycheck. The downside is that you’re at the mercy of your employer, they choose your hours, your wage, your vacation time, your place of work etc. This is where the majority of people are, and is also the hardest quadrant to get ahead in. Very few people ever achieve a level of financial freedom in this category, and those that do generally have the golden handcuffs on that keep them from having true freedom.

Learning About The Other Cashflow Quadrants Changed My Life

Today I had a meeting with a lady that inspired this post. I’ll continue my own story of moving through the Cashflow Quadrants after the video. Be sure to watch the video first because I share some important concepts that I believe you’ll find valuable.

Next, I moved into the S quadrant when I had my consulting business with a partner. We were small business owners which afforded us the ability to choose our place of work (working from home was an option), choose our hours of work (we could take a day off if we chose), chose our wages (dependent on the amount of work we did though). The downside, was that we hadn’t created any form of leverage. We had simply created our own jobs, of which we were now the boss. It still meant that in order to get paid, we had to do the work though, which was the major downside. If the office was closed, so was the income.

Today, I focus my time and energy on building in the other 2 quadrants. The B and I quadrants stand for Big Business/Business owner and Investor. On this side of the quadrant, either your business, or your money is working for you. This is how you attain true financial and time freedom. Once you’ve created a business or portfolio that doesn’t require your direct daily involvement that still brings in an income that exceeds your expenses, you’ll understand true freedom.

freedom lifestyle

Once you get a taste of being paid even when you aren’t working, you’ll never be the same again. I’ve experienced this in a number of forms from renters paying money every month in my revenue properties, to information product sales that I created once and get paid over and over for, to creating affiliate networks online that pay me monthly for products and services that I didn’t even have to create.

It’s the last one that has me most excited for the future. With the global economy as unsteady as it has been, people out of work everywhere and company loyalty at all time lows, there is a hungry market looking for new ways to make a living, and I love being able to show people how to take their knowledge and apply it online and then get paid when they sell products they refer.

It’s a beautiful mind shift from what’s been programmed into us from birth. How many of us grew up hearing that it was important to get good grades, so we could get into college, so we could get a good job? How’d that work out for you?

I know in my case I followed that advice to a T. I graduated from High School and College with honors. I found work right after graduating and found myself smack dab in the middle of the Rat Race. Working hard for less than I was worth to hopefully be able to take a couple years off each year.

Not quite my idea of living my dream life!

Thankfully I was introduced to authors like Robert Kiyosaki and concepts like the Cashflow Quadrant so I could begin working towards living more on my own terms.

And, I’m happy to report I’ve now been working from home full time for 7 full years. It hasn’t always been easy, but it sure has been worth it. I couldn’t put a price tag on knowing that my kids will never remember a day that I wasn’t working from home, able to drop them off, and pick them up from school and attend field trips unlike so many other parents. It’s a blessing I don’t take lightly, which is why I’m so fired up about helping more Moms and Dads create the kind of life where they’re able to do the same.

If you’d like to learn how to  move over to the right side of the Cashflow Quadrant and build the kind of business that allows you to leverage your time and efforts then click the link below and discover the system that’s helping thousands of people like you create true freedom.


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