Helped People Help People

Not sure if that will catch on or not, but I like the sounds of it.

You’ve probably heard the expression

“Hurt people hurt people”

To explain why people sometimes do things that hurt others.

We’ve all experienced times when someone has done something to us that wasn’t very kind, and in many cases it can be traced back to experiences they had earlier in their own lives. They reacted unconsciously and did something that hurt you, not to be malicious, but because that was their inner paradigm.

I’m an eternal optimist, so I also like to see the other side of the coin. I believe people are inherently good. They want good things for others. They generally live by the golden rule, and wouldn’t intentionally hurt someone else for their own enjoyment.

Today I’m excited because I’m going to start working with a new client who shares a passion for helping people.

I’m excited because I know that I can help him help more people.


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Just make sure you credit me when you share that with others. 😉

Maybe we can start a movement.

Actually, I think that movement has already begun.

I see examples of people coming together and cooperating and collaborating in new ways all the time.

Social media is filled with stories and videos showing people doing good things for others. (of course it’s also full of the opposite if that’s where you put your attention. I intentionally avoid that energy, and believe it’s last grasp efforts of an old model trying to hold on to control)

The internet has shrunk the world, and it’s bringing people together in a way that was never possible before.

It’s exciting for me because I see so many people with a great message, a vision and a desire to positively impact humanity, and I can help them get that message to more people.

For so many of these people the internet can be a confusing and intimidating space. There’s so many platforms and tools and systems out there, that it’s easier to go into overwhelm and do nothing than it is to sift through the noise and find a way to share their message.

Fortunately I’ve found a simple platform that the newest newbie can log into and start sharing their voice on day 1. Sure, there’s a learning curve like anything else new, but that’s how we grow – by taking on new challenges.

Leave me a message below and let me know what your vision is, and let’s work together to share that with the world!


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