Create Your Ideal Life With 15 Questions

Can you really create your ideal life with 15 questions?

I remember the first time I did this exercise.

It was nearly a decade ago now, and I’ve still got the paper I wrote it on.

Studies show that you’re 8 times more likely to accomplish your goals if you write them down.

Ask anyone what their ideal life looks like, and they can probably give you a vague description of living in a big house with lots of cars in the driveway and lots of money in the bank.

If you challenge them on that though, I bet you’ll discover that’s not really what they want if they stop and really think about it.

Talk to someone who’s lived a long life about what they cherish the most, and they’ll tell you about experiences not things.

They’ll talk about the family vacations, the quiet nights watching their children sleep. The day they went sky diving, or deep sea fishing.

A life well lived is made up of a series of wonderful experiences. Sure, that can include being surrounded by luxury and abundance, but you’ll remember the emotions of your experiences far more than the things.

Today I want to help you create your ideal life with 15 questions.

This is a powerful exercise to do, especially if you actually put pen to paper. The act of writing (use blue ink) creates a neurological link in your brain that typing, talking or just thinking can’t do. Actually get out a pen and pad of paper and spend some time writing down your answers to these questions in vivid detail. Your future self will thank you for it.

  1. Where would you live? Describe the location and your home and surroundings in full detail.
  2. What time would you wake up? What’s your morning routine look like?
  3. What would you have for breakfast? Who is there eating with you?
  4. How would you spend the first half of your day?
  5. Where would you have lunch? What do you eat? Who do you eat with?
  6. What conversations are you having? What things are you talking about throughout the day?
  7. What do you do for personal fulfillment? What feeds your soul and makes you feel alive?
  8. What life purpose are you striving towards? What’s your mission in life?
  9. What kind of business are you in? Do you do it only for money, or is it your true passion?
  10. What hours do you work? How many days a week? Do you design your life around your work, or the other way around?
  11. Who are your clients and co-workers or associates? What kind of people does your business attract?
  12. What are your relationships like? Describe your romantic, family, friend and business relationships.
  13. What do you do for family time? How many hours do you spend together? What things do you do together?
  14. What is your evening routine? Do you stay home or go out?
  15. What thoughts are you having right before you go to sleep?

Remember, it is better to focus on the experiences and the emotions they evoke when answering each of these questions more than the physical things. Your emotional response to creating your ideal life is what will help you achieve it. If you aren’t emotionally attached to creating your ideal life, then it’s simply a wish, and wishes tend to stay just that…  a wish.

So much has changed in my life since I first did this exercise. I’ve shared parts of it before in past articles, and today I was reminded of this process by a mentor of mine who is living his ideal life in near perfect harmony with the life he described when he first did this exercise over a decade ago.

While this exercise is powerful, and is evidenced by the countless people who’ve done it and now live the life they once imagined for themselves, it also won’t happen overnight. Creating a life by design takes time, and you will encounter challenges and setbacks.

Here’s a great video to keep in mind for those times when it feels like you’re doing all the right things and your life just isn’t panning out the way you imagined.

It’s the daily actions you take, consistently over time that will get you to your vision.

Don’t give up. Your life is far to precious to waste it chasing someone else’s dream.

Set your sights on your ideal life, and take small steps towards making it reality everyday.

Before you know it, you’ll find the sheets you answered these 15 questions on and realize you created your ideal life just the way you described it years before.


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