The Formula To Becoming A Top Producer In Your Home Business

There’s a reason less than 5 percent of people who get started with a home business ever become top producers, and it’s because they don’t follow the formula!

Actually, to be honest, 90% of them don’t even get started.

In fact, of 1000 people that start a home business 900 won’t do much more than call a couple of friends or family and get rejected, and then quit.

Of the 100 who do take some action, half of those still won’t get any sizable results.

Only a handful will ever produce a full time income and just a few will create true financial freedom.

Now that I’ve painted such a rosy picture, let’s have a look at why that is.

It’s called human nature. How many people in any other type of business achieve monumental success?

Again, just a few. 90% of people are either just getting by or are “comfortable” whatever that means.

Today I want to share with you the actual formula to become a top producer in your home business.

top producer formula

The Top Producer Formula reveals the exact steps you need to follow to become a six or seven figure earner in your home business.

The old home business model of hunting prospects in Safeway or Walmart by saying “you look like a sharp person, do you keep your business options open?” Or having milk and cookie parties in your cramped living room once a week just aren’t getting it done for the majority of people.

They try it for awhile, and then just end up giving up and saying things like “oh, I tried that home business stuff for awhile and it just doesn’t work.” The truth is, it does work, but most people aren’t willing to do what the few successful people do.

In the Top Producer Formula, you’ll learn how to build a business online and offline in a way that’s compelling, and simple that won’t leave you broke, busted and disgusted.

The program is broken down into 13 modules, all covering in specific detail how to become a top producer.


top producer formula

Few people realize this, but the only thing you get paid to do in your home business is sponsoring and selling. This is why you should always have your focus on income-producing, money-making activities as a first priority. All top producers in any home business know that to become successful their primary focus needs to be on sponsoring and selling.



“If you want to get rich, just find someone making lots of money and do what he’s doing.”
– Billionaire J. Paul Getty

Do not try to reinvent the wheel. Until you’re making a minimum of $30,000 a month, your focus should be on selling and sponsoring, and nothing else.  One of the biggest reasons why people fail to ever get real results is due to this belief that making money from home is easy. This is one of the pitfalls of the industry because that is often how the business is portrayed. You know, get 5 who get 5, who get 5 and we’ll all be sitting on the white sand beaches drinking out of coconuts. Unfortunately that’s never the way it goes, and although this business does take work to be successful, it sure beats the alternative of working for someone else for 40 years and still being broke.


My mentor likes to say that 95% of success in this and any other business is your mindset.  To be a Top Producer you must identify which limiting beliefs and values are holding you back and replace them with positive beliefs and values, which will enable you to move in a direction, that’s going to help you create results.

Your beliefs, the information in your mind, your values, and your actions need to be in complete and total alignment.  You have to be aligned in a single direction if you want to accomplish your goals. If you want to create a big result, if you want to create a big team, if you want to recruit a lot of people and if you want to sell a lot of products, you need to have a clear vision and speak that vision into reality.

A great opportunity will excite people to join. Speaking your vision and the belief in your team and their ability to succeed is what will cause people to stay.


There are only a few must have websites online to build a business, and effective capture pages are the first.

In this module you’ll learn closely guarded secrets that literally no one else knows, including the EXACT 5 top-performing lead pages and WHY they work to get you more leads than ANYTHING else… and a secret tool that industry-insiders use to create the highest-converting lead pages with under 9 mouse clicks!

Empower Network CMO, Mars, and Rob Rammuny, Resident Marketing Prodigy, who has built out some of the highest performing Lead Capture pages in online marketing, are also sharing attributes of awareness when it comes to page setup, layout, structure and flow.   Together, Mars and Rob are going to show you how the pros and experts do it…


You make money by selling something and to do that you must build a list, present to the list and close the list.

The important thing to understand about anything that works is that it’s not the strategy that’s making it work. The strategy is just a way to make the principle behind what you’re doing work.


In this module you’ll learn why focusing in on problems and solutions is the fastest way to build the rapport that makes people respond to your messaging.    On top of that… You’ll find out how to easily develop trust-based relationships that will set you up to sell WITHOUT selling.

The first step in recruiting and getting someone to look at a presentation is you must create rapport and value in order for people to look at something.   Rapport is responsiveness. If you want to recruit, you need someone who responds to you like you have social authority. If people respond to the way you behave and respond to your questions, they respond to your energy.  Most people build their business depending on the skills of people in their team. The problem is that their team doesn’t have any skills.

top producer formula


In this module you’ll learn how to leverage online methods such as Facebook, Craigslist and Online Magazines to get leads to local events.   It’s important to have a specific process from room set-up to how introductions are made to how testimonials are shared to how your presentation is shared so that you can be most effective in delivering your offering and converting sales


Communication is the first skill to dominating and to building a successful business that has heart and longevity. If you don’t know the right questions to ask, you will leave your prospect wondering what you are talking about and what you want them to do.  The confused mind says no, so it’s important to learn how to give clear calls to action that your new team members can follow.

Most people’s biggest fear is asking for the sale.  This module will teach you exactly what to say and when to say it.


As a leader to your team and organization it is your responsibility to lead by example. If you’re not going to get in the top package you can in your business, how can you expect anyone to take you seriously?

The two ways to upsell people in your organization are to lead by example and to get in touch with their core desires, which people are often not even clear about themselves. Learning how to help them uncover their true core desires, will help them tap into their motivation to go all in on their dreams and provide you with loyal, long term team members.
The same conversations can average $1,000 rather than $25 when you focus on getting to someone’s core desires.

If you don’t have information about what they want, you have no leverage.

Focusing on their core desires isn’t just for sponsoring but also for leading your team. If you don’t know what your team wants, you can’t help them get it and you can’t influence them.


There’s a 12-step formula to creating presentations that can be used in many presentations from webinars, to conference calls to hotel meetings.

1.Get their attention
2.Develop a relationship
3.Earn the Right
4.Clarify their problem
5.Show them a solution
6.Set clear expectations
7.Provide social proof
8.Present the benefits
9.Provide an irresistible offer
10.Take away their risk
11.Give them a reason to take action
12.Provide a clear call to action


In this module you’ll learn the exact language to invite people to a team hangout:
We’re going to do a special team hangout where we’re going to teach you some strategies to build your business faster, make more money and recruit more people with less work. Can I count on you to make it?

Your sales will go down if your focus is on helping everyone. It’s important to focus on producing.

You will generate more sales and create more upsells when you realize you can’t help everyone. You’re better off to limit access to yourself and help people on your team in groups.

Teach people to give results-based testimonials which are concise, talk about before and after the problem, then the solution and what happened specifically as a result.

Here’s the magic closing formula:
“What did you like best about the presentation?”

“Yes, I thought so, too. It sounds like you’re ready to get started.”
“How do you want your name spelled on your checks?”

“Welcome aboard. We’re having a team call tomorrow night. It’s private. I’m going to send you an exclusive invite to our Facebook group.


In this module you’ll learn how using online and offline marketing, how to leverage the Internet to pack a room full of prospects to attend a live presentation.  The goal is to stop being the hunter and start being the hunted. You’ll learn how to leverage the Internet to automate your registration process for your live event, tools to automate the process without having to pick up the phone.  You’ll also learn specific details about creating an event funnel including registration page, thank you page and email communication. And, how to do this without even using the phone.


Doing live groups will force you to get people to attend, your communication skills will start to improve, and you’ll start getting really good at doing calls to action.  When you show up live in front of people each week, you’ll start to develop a charismatic following.  When you’re willing to connect with people, you’ll increase the amount of sales you do from very small lists


With no vision you have no road map.  People follow visionaries that can help them see what they want in their future, learning to share your vision with the world is how you create life long followers that keep buying what you have to offer.

And finally, the 8 Core Commitments

Lastly you will learn the 8 Core Commitments that will take your business to the next level.  Core Commitments of Being a Top Producer, you can start attracting an unlimited number of leads TO  YOU faster than you ever have before.

These Commitments are the “missing link” that six and seven figure relationship marketers know that everyone else doesn’t. This makes recruiting and selling as painless as filling out a blank check. And you can find out exactly what these 8 Core Commitments are by just getting signed up.


Top Producer Formula

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