Simple 3 Step Formula For Using Stories To Sell

Have you ever heard the expression “Facts tell, Stories sell”?

It’s an expression that’s used quite a bit in advertising, sales and marketing, and for good reason.

People make buying decisions emotionally, and rarely does someone get emotionally engaged with a list of facts or features.

A story on the other hand, when told well allows people to get emotionally engaged, and much more receptive to the offer you’ll eventually make.

People want to know, like and trust the people they do business with, and telling stories is a great way to build that K-L-T factor.

Let me illustrate that point with this short video by one of my mentors.

Here’s a Simple 3 Step Formula For Using Stories To Sell

  1. Describe what it was like – start at a point in the past and describe the situation.
  2. Explain what happened – this is the transition period – who did you meet, what did you discover etc.
  3. Demonstrate what it is like now – the end result. This doesn’t always have to be positive either. This could be an example of a hard lesson learned, although in most cases think of the before and after scenario where you want to demonstrate what things were like before using your product/service, and then what it’s like now that you do.

I trust you found these examples of infusing story telling into your sales process helpful.

A great way to practice more story telling is by blogging.

I blog regularly here as a way to share my stories, express my ideas and ultimately help solve one of your problems by describing my own journey and the things I’ve learned along the way.

We all have obstacles we’ve overcome, and blogging is a great way to share our experiences and help those who are going through what we’ve already overcome.

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