4 Questions To Help You Discover Your Purpose And Passion

I’ve had a number of conversations lately with people who say they don’t know what their purpose and passion is.

They’re moving through life without a clear destination, and like a log in the river just keep getting carried downstream.

In my morning reading today, I discovered 4 questions you can ask yourself to help discover your purpose and passion.

In case you missed those 4 questions in the video, here they are again.

  1. What is my real life’s purpose? (What do I want to have accomplished when I look back upon my life in old age?)
  2. How, specifically, would I have to think, speak and act in order to bring that purpose into being? (What habits would I need to cultivate and what would I have to delete from my present life to live out my true purpose?)
  3. What activities – what actual daily choices, attitudes and concrete accomplishments – would I do if I lived asĀ  if my purpose meant something to me?
  4. How would I live, on a day to day basis, if I respected myself, others, my life’s purpose?


These questions are from Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow by Marsha Sinetar

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