The Truth About Your Inner Game

One of my mentor’s likes to say that 85% of your success is determined by your mindset, or your “inner game”.

Some people think your results in life are all about what you’re DOing…

But more importantly before you start DOing, it’s about who you’re BEing.

I was at a personal development course about 8 years ago now when I first heard (or at least first really understood) the phrase BE – DO – HAVE. It’s an oversimplified formula for creating what you want in life.

First you have to start BEing the kind of person you envision for yourself.

Then you’ll start DOing the kinds of things that will move you closer to that vision.

After those 2 stages are applied, then you’ll start HAVE-ing the kind of life you desire.

Sometimes people say those 3 words, but in the wrong order. It has to be in this order for the formula to work.

Here’s an easy way to remember it that I heard at that course 8 years ago.

“It’s not HAVE a Do Be!”

Jay Fiset

People in Colorado will probably get that one sooner than others. 😉

Today I was reading a message from another mentor of mine that shared a profound message about the BEing stage of the formula and some truths about our inner game.

Here’s a quick video I shot to share the message with you.


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