Are You Stuck In Your Life? 10 Tips To Help You Move Forward

don't be afraid to give up the good

We all struggle with this mindset sometimes, myself included! The truth is, life changes, and you really can push through anything.

There’s plenty you can do to turn around what you’re stuck with, whether it’s health, financial, business, personal or relationship related.

The power to live up to your highest vision of how your life can be, or what you want in your life, exists in YOU. Since you have the right to choose what you think, what you do, and who you want to be, you have this enormous power of CHOICE, which gives you full control and power to make huge progress on your goals.

Only you can control your life and your future. BE THE CHANGE, to live up to what you want, instead of holding yourself prisoner of your old, comfortable habits and negative beliefs.

Start now, not tomorrow. No need to worry about being perfect. There’s no perfect time.

Here’s 10 things you can do to get unstuck in your life:

  1. Disallow other’s opinions to control your life. Do what’s best for you, and your life, not what’s best for everyone else.
  2. Learn from your failures, leave them in the past, and move on. You are human. You’ve made some mistakes. Time to move on!
  3. Know what you want. If you’re not sure, start writing down your ideas and thoughts of what you want. Continue to add to your list, as you come up with more ideas. If you need more ideas, seek the help of others for some ideas.
  4. Stop procrastinating! Procrastination is really the greatest time thief, ever. You said tomorrow. Tomorrow is gone. The right time, is always right now! Start now. Well… after you finish reading this post. 😉
  5. Take action! Every day, take steps to work toward your goals. All of those ideas you’ve written… take little steps and put them into action. Nothing will change if you don’t.
  6. Grow! Are you spinning your wheels? Sometimes, you have to let go of thinking your way is best. Be open for change, even if it’s painful or seems too daunting and challenging, because life is as painful as staying stuck where you don’t want to be.
  7. Face your fears! Rewire your brain to overcome your fears and develop the courage you need, to get to where you want to go. Develop mantras and affirmations that build you up and increase your self-confidence. Read uplifting books to help interrupt the negative chatter that goes on in your mind. Hang out with positive people. Since we were born, most of us were told negative things that we can’t do, be or have, and or experienced traumas of all kinds. If you don’t take the initiative to rewire your brain, life will do it for you.
  8. Banish Excuses! A life of excuses can have daunting consequences. Excuses can prevent you from reaching your full potential, and hold you back from recognizing opportunities, talents and skills you might have, to help you overcome your problems. Challenge and allow yourself to reach new heights. You might surprise yourself to know just how capable you are! New opportunities lie everywhere, however, you will never find them if you are constantly making excuses.
  9. Practice gratitude. Practice this daily, morning and night, throughout the day… When you habitually see the good in everything, it becomes more difficult to complain and stay stuck, and you will no doubt find yourself with improved health, reduced stress, strengthened relationships, and in general, you will be happier.
  10. Appreciate your achievements. Make a list of the greatest experiences you’ve had in your life. Write down the things you were or are good at. Recognize the skills and positive qualities of yourself. Write these all down, and be sure to continue to add to your lists, regularly, and you will feel more positive about yourself.


Negative emotions are so powerful, whether it be from fear, guilt, depression, anger, or shame, etc. These can stop you from moving ahead with your goals and dreams. You are the only person who can control these factors. Keep in mind, that it’s ok to be unique. You have your own set of skills and abilities, and you are a valuable human being.

I know from my own experience, and hey, I’m not saying I’m perfect, because I still have lots to learn!… Reality is, though, that if you work through these 10 things, regularly (because change doesn’t happen overnight), you will gain strength and competence, resulting in a new view of yourself and your capabilities. Allow yourself to move forward! You deserve it.


Today’s post was a guest post written by my beautiful wife Marilena. If you liked this article, please leave a comment below and let her know what you appreciated most about this lesson.

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