Peter Schiff’s Powerful Case For Silver Report

I’ve just finished reading Peter Schiff’s “The Powerful Case For Silver” report, and I pretty much agree with everything he said in it. The Powerful Case For Silver Report There are only a handful of experts on precious metals that I trust for information, and Peter Schiff is certainly one of them. As someone who […]

What Caused The Latest Silver And Gold Crash?

Other than the bombing during the Boston Marathon yesterday, nothing is making headlines more than the sudden silver and gold crash. I have my own theories around the gold crash, and I’ve heard a lot of the other arguments being made that I’ll go over in part with this article. Reduced Inflation Caused The Latest […]

Foreign Gold Storage Just Got Harder To Obtain

With the state of today’s economy many people and investors are looking for gold storage options in other jurisdictions. Today, that just became more difficult if you happen to be an American citizen. World’s Largest Gold Storage Facility Closes It’s Doors To Americans A recent announcement from ViaMat, the Swiss based giant in gold storage […]

German Gold Is Coming Home

It was recently announced that the Bundesbank (Germany’s Central Bank) wants to bring all of the German gold home. Who Holds The German Gold? Much of the gold belonging to Germany is currently being held in Central Bank vaults in other countries. Germany owns the second largest amount of physical gold of any country with […]

Is The Money Printing No Longer Working?

 FED to Increase QE to $85 Billion per month! Announcements like that have previously had some predictable results. The markets tend to rally, precious metals prices jump, and mortgage rates drop too. This time around though, those things didn’t really happen. The stock markets actually dropped for a day or two, gold and silver have dropped […]

What To Know About Gold And Silver

Here are the answers to some common questions about owning physical gold and silver.   Frequently Asked Questions About Gold And Silver   1.      Why would I want to buy Privately Minted Gold and Silver Bullion, and not Government-Issued Coins from my local bank? With the majority of coins being Government mint, by law you […]