The $100 Startup – At The Intersection Of Your Passions And Getting Paid

The idea of a $100 Startup being a viable business probably sounds like a fantasy doesn’t it.

Consider this though.

Right now, someone, somewhere is yearning for and seeking to solve a problem you know how to overcome.

You, of course don’t think much of it because you’ve already solved the problem for yourself, and maybe it was even something you just do without even thinking. It just comes naturally to you.

But for most of the world, knowing how to do what you do would be a blessing. They’re out there looking for someone that can show them how, or do it for them.

That’s where your opportunity lies.

That’s where your freedom lies.

Harnessing that gift, and packaging it in a way that others can pay you for your expertise.

Not sure what I mean? Have a look at this quick video I just shot that explains it.

How To Share Great Blog Content You Didn’t Even Write

One of the things many people struggle with when they get started blogging, is coming up with great content to share.

Not everyone is a natural writer that can just hammer out a 2000 word article in their niche every day or two.

For some, being able to share great blog content they didn’t even have to write would be a huge blessing.

The good news, it can be done!

Mentor’s MasterClass Interview With Toby Black

In this edition of the Mentor’s MasterClass interviews I had the pleasure of being joined by Toby Black.

Toby and his lovely wife Layla have been building their home business since 2009, and very quickly created some phenomenal results.
Here’s the full interview so you too can learn how a hockey player from Scotland found himself in Canada chasing his dream and a few years later was living it.

How To Sell On Facebook Without Selling

Facebook has a massive audience, which is why many people go on there trying to pitch their products and services.

The problem is, Facebook is a SOCIAL media site, and nobody goes there to buy stuff. They go there to be SOCIAL.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use Facebook to grow your business.

You just need to know how to do it in a way that doesn’t feel salesy.

In this pure value presentation, watch my Millionaire Mentor himself, Darren Little demonstrate how he connects with his friends list in a way that has them asking to join his business in just a few minutes.

Mentor’s MasterClass Interview With Kevin Knecht

Kevin calls himself a Dadpreneur, and I love that his goal is to help other families become Freedompreneurs and live life on their own terms.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview:

How Kevin and Melissa went from making 6 figures in their home business for many years, to bankrupt and back to multiple-six figure incomes in just a couple of years.
The difference between rhinos and cows, and why his daughter got in trouble at school for calling another girl a “cow” (it’s not what you probably first thought)
The power of having mentors, and who Kevin credits for being one of his biggest influences.

Helped People Help People

You’ve probably heard the expression

“Hurt people hurt people”

To explain why people sometimes do things that hurt others.

I’m an eternal optimist, so I also like to see the other side of the coin. I believe people are inherently good.

So I coined the phrase
“Helped people help people.”

The Home Business Industry Is A Leadership Factory

It took me a while to realize that the home business industry is actually a leadership factory. Perhaps it was because my first couple of experiences with network marketing weren’t very positive, and perhaps because I wasn’t seeing it for what it actually is.

The people who achieve massive success in the home business industry are LEADERS!

What I like most about this industry though, is that it develops leaders…

Meaning you don’t already have to be one to become one.

Why You Need To Manage Your Brand Online

Back when I graduated from College the tool you used to manage your brand was a resume.

The information on your resume and the references you provided were how you told a prospective employer who you were and why you’d make a good candidate for the job.

Today, things are much different.

Sure, people still use resumes and CV’s (curriculum vitae seems to be more common overseas), but that’s just the intro now.

Your true brand will be found online, and don’t think for a second your brand isn’t being checked out by prospective employers, customers and business associates.
This is why it’s imperative that you manage your brand online.

6 Keys To Home Business Success

The Home Business industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, but unfortunately the vast majority of people (more than 95%) never achieve any level of success with it.


Because they don’t know the 6 keys to home business success, and they give up before they see results.

3 Simple Steps To A Successful Online Business

Many people think that creating a successful online business is complicated, and for sure, it can be complicated if you don’t follow a simple proven system. The good news is that by following these 3 simple steps to a successful online business you can avoid all of the complicated, confusing noise in the market and just focus on the fundamentals that lead to profits.