Millionaire Mentoring Makes All The Difference

You’ve probably guessed by now, I’m a big fan of mentoring.

Hell, my business is called A Mentored Life.

And I’ve been actively seeking out and working with mentors for over a decade now.

Some have helped me make some great profits in real estate.

Some have helped me create and publish an ebook with 18 of my other mentors contributing.

Some have helped me profit online.

Some have helped me be a better version of myself.

And they’ve all helped me get closer to living the dream life I’ve imagined for myself.

How To Connect With Your Ideal Clients

As an entrepreneur, or home business professional, one of your biggest challenges is finding more of your ideal clients.

Ideal clients are your target niche, the demographic that is out there actively looking for the products and services you offer than can solve a problem they’re facing.

They’re out there, and in this short video I share with you the 3 keys to finding them and attracting them to you.

Simple Email Marketing Tips

If you have a database of email subscribers, you’re likely sending them emails on a regular basis (or at least you should be).

Email is still a great way to share your message with a subscriber list, and these short video will share with you some simple email marketing tips to help you get better open and click through rates for your messages.

The 3 Phases Of A Successful Home Business

Like any business, your home business will go through phases.

As much as we’ve all heard that this industry is as simple as telling 5 who get 5 who get 5 and we’re all living on the beaches of the world, the reality is much different.
You’ve got to treat it like a business, and like any business a successful home business is going to go through phases of growth.

What Business Are You Really In?

If you’re just “a” plumber, chiropractor or realtor then to the people you’re speaking with you can be interchanged with all of the other people in that profession with similar results.

You immediately become just “one of” a group of many interchangeable parts.


Cookie cutter.


Doesn’t sound like a recipe for success does it?