The Best Birthday Gift Ever

I don’t know why some people don’t like to tell others that it’s their birthday.

I don’t usually go out of my way to let someone know when it is, but I’m surely not one to hide from having a birthday.

I mean, why would I?

It’s a day that people send you warm wishes, friends and family are extra attentive and affectionate. Many even send or bring gifts. Who doesn’t like gifts?

And today, I got to come downstairs to this warm greeting.

Remembering A Great Man On Remembrance Day

A couple of days ago my daughter came home with a homework assignment.

It’s one that I’m sure many of us have done over the years, and yet helping her with it was a challenge.

It was a challenge for a couple of reasons.

One, because I pray she never has to acquire first hand knowledge of the subject.

And two, because in my journey of discovery and seeking knowledge my own perspectives around this subject have changed drastically.

What’s the subject I’m speaking of?

It’s something on all of our minds today.

The Meaning Behind Remembrance Day

Summer Road Trip 2015

I had intended to upload some photos and some videos while we were away on our Road Trip, but instead I unplugged for a bit and enjoyed hanging out with my family, attending an awesome event and seeing some of the amazing sights this planet has to offer.

Just to give you a taste of what I was up to, I put together this video montage.