This Girl Gets It! – An End To Poverty

Victoria Grant Describes An End To Poverty There’s a young Canadian girl making some big waves on the world stage. First, there was her presentation to the Public Banking Institute in April of 2012 which demonstrated how much better she understands our banking system than 99% of the population, and likely almost all of the […]

Canadian Billionaire Predicts End Of US Reserve Currency Status

Is This The End Of The US Reserve Currency Status? According to this presentation by Canadian Billionaire businessman Ned Goodman it is. For nearly the past century the world has operated with the US reserve currency status, but things are rapidly changing as more and more nations are looking at alternatives to trading in US […]

What They Don’t Teach You In School

I don’t know what it is about today, but I was introduced to two different 11 year olds who are prime specimens of what they don’t teach you in school. Both of these boys started their own businesses at about the same ages my kids are now. One actually started earning his own money when […]

The Hidden Secrets Of Money You Need To Know

I’ve been a student of money and investing for many years, and recently one of my favorite mentors on the subject, Mike Maloney released his Hidden Secrets Of Money series part 2. If you don’t know who Mike Maloney is, he’s Robert Kiyosaki’s (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) gold and silver advisor. Mike prefers to think […]

The Power of Relationships

Us on our Honeymoon This past weekend my wife and I celebrated our 11th anniversary, and today I want to talk to you a bit about the power of relationships. Certainly my marriage is one of the strongest relationships I’ve ever developed. My wife is an amazing woman that has walked beside me from day […]

The Real Cause For The Uprising In Egypt

The world has watched a more than 2 year long uprising in Egypt come to a head again with the removal of President Morsi. Since the rise of the Arab Spring revolution and the removal of President Mubarak, Egypt has been in the midst of a tense and bloody uprising. What Nobody Seems To Be […]

United Nations Releases Iraq From Chapter VII

In a unanimous decision the United Nations Security Council voted today 15-0 to release Iraq from Chapter VII sanctions that have been in place since the Saddam regimes invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Click here to see the video of the hearing from the UN council chambers. Now that the Chapter VII sanctions have been […]

10 Years To The Day – Saddam Statue Falls

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years today since news coverage around the planet showed the Saddam statue in Baghdad pulled from it’s pedestal.   Toppling of Saddam Statue Seen As A Symbol Of Victory Although this event occurred only a few days into the war in Iraq, news media portrayed the event […]

The Key To Success – Increase Your Financial Knowledge

If there’s one key to success that has stood out in all my years of studying wealth, success and achievement, I would have to say increasing your financial knowledge is a must. It really is virtually impossible for you to have financial success in life if you aren’t first willing to invest in your own […]

Looking for Foreign Diversification

Many people today are looking for foreign diversification with their investments and one excellent place to consider is Costa Rica. With the economies of many western nations stagnant or receding, many people today are looking for foreign diversification with their investments. Having all of your money and investments in one nation is not diversification. True […]