Can A Home Business Replace Your RRSP?

More and more people today are coming to the realization that their retirement years may not be as secure as they once hoped.

Job security is a bit of an oxymoron these days. People just don’t find a good company and work there for 40 years to retire on a full pension anymore.

I think people today are looking for options.

They’re getting restless, and feeling disconnected from their passions.

They’re realizing that the world is changing…

Big Takeaway From The Treasure Map Movie

Last night I attended the Calgary Red Carpet Premier Screening of The Treasure Map movie.

This is the latest film from local entrepreneur and businessman Doug Vermeeren, who also created The Opus, The Gratitude Experiment and How Thoughts Become Things.

I attended last night’s screening of The Treasure Map because many of my own mentors were featured in the film. In fact, after watching it I realized that I’ve met or interviewed all but 2 of the people featured in the film. I’ve interviewed Dr. John Demartini and Darren Jacklin for my own Mentors Master Class Sessions interview series. I’ve met, and attended events put on by Raymond Aaron, Marshall Sylver and Loral Langemeier and have shared a coffee with Doug Vermeeren.

But enough about me and the mentors featured in the film. Let’s get to the big take-away from the film. While there were a ton of golden nuggets of wisdom shared throughout the movie, I share my big take-away in the video below.

Play This Game To Develop A Prosperity Mindset

This morning before my morning meditation I was reading a chapter in Ask And It Is Given by Jerry and Esther Hicks.

This is an excellent book that really ought to be mandatory reading in school instead of Jane Eyre or Wuthering Heights (I never did like those novels)

In the second part of the book they share a number of “processes” or “games” that you can play to learn to tap into the Law Of Attraction and develop a prosperity consciousness.

Here’s a quick video I shot earlier today about the Prosperity Game so you can put it into practice and start building your own prosperity mindset.

Playing Cashflow To Escape The Rat Race

Learning about and understanding how money and investing works, is a foundational key to creating a life of freedom from the Rat Race. Without a solid financial IQ, even a cash windfall can result in bigger hardships.
Here are a few of the financial lessons you’ll learn from playing Cashflow.

What Most American’s Don’t Know About Their Money

I find it fascinating that so few people know this about their money.

Actually, even calling it money is a bit misleading.

It’s actually currency. According to Wikipedia “The main functions of money are distinguished as: a medium of exchange; a unit of account; a store of value;”

The key there being a store of value. Money used to hold it’s value.

That was until August 15th, 1971 when Richard Nixon unhinged the US Dollar from it’s gold backing, instantly making it (and the world currencies pegged to it) a fiat currency.

So what’s a fiat currency you ask?

Well, essentially it’s a currency backed by nothing more than the faith of the people using it.

That means, it has no true value. It’s only value is what people believe it is worth. Once that confidence wanes, the currency generally collapses (an has hundreds of times throughout history)

Currently the US Dollar is the reserve currency on the planet, and has been for over 70 years.

Previously, the British Pound Sterling held that status, and before that France held that role, proceeded by the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal.

By studying history you can see that empires lose their reserve status, and it’s generally as a result of recklessly inflating their currency, much like the US is doing today.