The Truth About Your Inner Game

One of my mentor’s likes to say that 85% of your success is determined by your mindset, or your “inner game”.

Some people think your results in life are all about what you’re DOing…

But more importantly before you start DOing, it’s about who you’re BEing.

Today I was reading a message from another mentor of mine that shared a profound message about the BEing stage of the formula and some truths about our inner game.

Start With BE, In The BE, DO And Have Formula

The past week or so I’ve been seeking feedback.

One of the challenges of being self employed is that we often get a bit of tunnel vision and can get set in one way of doing things.

In an effort to be more effective with my time and efforts, I’ve been asking a select group of my peers for their feedback on what they perceive my strengths are, and how I can best serve others.

I’ll admit, it can be a bit humbling to open yourself up to feedback like that. Actually, as I learned at a recent Remarkable Man Project meeting “Feedforward” is much more effective. (more on that at another time).

In receiving some of this feedforward, I’ve come to a few conclusions about how to be more effective that perhaps you can apply as well.