Big Takeaway From The Treasure Map Movie

Last night I attended the Calgary Red Carpet Premier Screening of The Treasure Map movie.

This is the latest film from local entrepreneur and businessman Doug Vermeeren, who also created The Opus, The Gratitude Experiment and How Thoughts Become Things.

I attended last night’s screening of The Treasure Map because many of my own mentors were featured in the film. In fact, after watching it I realized that I’ve met or interviewed all but 2 of the people featured in the film. I’ve interviewed Dr. John Demartini and Darren Jacklin for my own Mentors Master Class Sessions interview series. I’ve met, and attended events put on by Raymond Aaron, Marshall Sylver and Loral Langemeier and have shared a coffee with Doug Vermeeren.

But enough about me and the mentors featured in the film. Let’s get to the big take-away from the film. While there were a ton of golden nuggets of wisdom shared throughout the movie, I share my big take-away in the video below.