He Wrote The Book – The Remarkable Man

Today I was joined by a good friend and mentor Dwayne Klassen on the Mentor’s MasterClass for an engaging interview.

Dwayne Klassen is known as THE Coach For Men, he’s an engaging and entertaining transformational speaker, author, coach and entrepreneur with a passion for ancient wisdom, men’s issues and helping humanity raise the bar and play a bigger game.

How The Remarkable Man Project Has Transformed My Life

What Man Wouldn’t Want To Be Part Of Something Called The Remarkable Man Project?

Great question.

I know I did.

I still remember having coffee with Dwayne (the Remarkable Man Project founder) as he described his vision for this revolutionary men’s organization.

He talked about how men were feeling confused, disconnected and challenged in the world today.

He talked about masculine and feminine energy and how men were shifting more into their feminine, and women were more in their masculine.

He talked about an organization that would challenge men to step up and play a bigger game in their lives.

He talked about attracting the kind of guys who knew they wanted more out of life.

He talked about big events with leaders in business and personal development sharing their expertise.

He talked about epic adventures to cross off bucket items, and give back in the communities we visited.

Everything he talked about was music to my ears.

I knew I wanted to be a part of such an organization for the value I could offer my brothers, and the support and encouragement my brothers would offer me.

Needless to say I’ve been a proud member from day one, and I’m more excited than ever for where this organization is headed.

2015 will be a breakthrough year for the Remarkable Man Project in my opinion, and here’s a few reasons why.

The Remarkable Man Project Goes Global

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