Trying Harder Isn’t The Answer

Have you ever watched a fly bounce off a window pane over and over again until finally succumbing to the reality that it’s physically impossible for a fly to break through glass?

You just sit there watching it time after time flying and fighting to just maybe this time I’ll get to the other side, while you sit there wondering what they could possibly be thinking.

You know that approach will never work.

And yet to the fly, the answer is to just try harder, keep trying, one more attempt might make all the difference, until at some point they end up laying on the window sill and sucked up by a vacuum.

People can be like that sometimes too.

How To Create Your Ideal Day

The good news, is that you can create your ideal day.

You’re the one in control of your destiny, so you get to create the kind of life you’ve envisioned for yourself.

Have you ever even thought about what your ideal day could look like?

What would you do on your ideal day of work, or your ideal day of play?

Turn Your Struggles Into Your Strengths

We all face challenges and struggles.

Some of us are beaten down by them.

And some of us rise up, push forward and turn those struggles into our strengths.

How many successful people do you know who have a story of being down and out, bankrupt, broke, at their lowest point ever…

Before turning it all around and creating their greatest victory.

Having struggles isn’t unique.

What is, is the person who faces that struggle and fights through it to the other side.