Become A Master Of Manifestation

I started on my journey to becoming a master of manifestation almost 8 years ago now when I first heard about a little documentary that swept the globe.

It was shortly after my son was born, and the Ellen show was on.

Two guys I had never heard of were her guests and they started talking about this new film they were in called The Secret.

Although I had never heard of it, the things they were talking about really got my attention. (here’s what they shared)

Can Thoughts Become Things?

You’ve probably watched The Secret, so this quote will be familiar to you.

Have you ever stopped to realize just how accurate that quote is though?

Truly considered it?

Is there anything ever created on this planet, that wasn’t first a thought?

Kinda cool isn’t it.

I shot a quick video with my kids today since they were home from school, to see if I could share the power of this idea with them too.

I hope you like it.