Are You In The Right Cashflow Quadrant

I still remember when I first learned about the different Cashflow Quadrants, and began looking back at my own path.

I started out, like most do in the E quadrant, as in Employee. The upside to being in this quadrant is the regular paycheck. The downside is that you’re at the mercy of your employer, they choose your hours, your wage, your vacation time, your place of work etc. This is where the majority of people are, and is also the hardest quadrant to get ahead in. Very few people ever achieve a level of financial freedom in this category, and those that do generally have the golden handcuffs on that keep them from having true freedom.
Learning About The Other Cashflow Quadrants Changed My Life

Today I had a meeting with a lady that inspired this post. I’ll continue my own story of moving through the Cashflow Quadrants after the video. Be sure to watch the video first because I share some important concepts that I believe you’ll find valuable.

The Best Birthday Gift Ever

I don’t know why some people don’t like to tell others that it’s their birthday.

I don’t usually go out of my way to let someone know when it is, but I’m surely not one to hide from having a birthday.

I mean, why would I?

It’s a day that people send you warm wishes, friends and family are extra attentive and affectionate. Many even send or bring gifts. Who doesn’t like gifts?

And today, I got to come downstairs to this warm greeting.